Become a Secret Agent!

Oregon Frozen Yogurt (OFroYo) is teaming up with the Oregon Area Historical Society (OAHS) to recruit area kids to become secret agents. Kids 16 and under are invited to visit OFroYo and receive their mission packet. In the packet will be their coded mission, along with decoder tools to help decipher their mission. Recruits will then need to rendezvous to the OAHS Museum to complete their mission. Once the recruit obtains the required information from their mission, an OAHS agent will verify and stamp their papers. Completed mission documents are to be delivered to OFroYo where recruits will become certified agents and added to the secret agent board, as well as their next mission. They will be rewarded with one free cup of a frozen treat. Stop by OFroYo or checkout for more details. This is top secret!


The OAHS Museum is located at 159 W. Lincoln Street.

Hours: every Tuesday from 10am to 4pm

 1st Saturday of the month (Sept-May) from 12pm to 4pm.

Every Saturday in the summer (June, July, Aug.) 12pm to 4pm