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Welcome to our historical timeline of past events.  Here we will share tidbits of news that happened 25, 50 and 75 years ago in the Oregon area.   

April 2024 Timeline

75 Years Ago - April 1949

Local News


Fire Department to test a new extinguishing agent.

The Oregon Fire Department on the evening of May 3 will experiment with a new agent for extinguishing fires known as “wet water” as a part of the regular monthly meeting of the department and training session under Capt. Boyle of the Madison Fire Department.  Chief Culb explained that an instructional movie, provided by Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corp., manufacturers of UNOX for “wet water” will be shown for the department at 7:30 in the auditorium of the Village Hall. 


Later along the south bank of the drainage ditch, fires of brush and straw will be kindled, and in a pit, there will be an oil fire.  In each case ordinary water from a fog nozzle will first be used, and on a similar fire, water is treated with 1 to 2 percent UNOX. 


This treatment of the water reduces its surface tension, permitting it to penetrate better and spread more evenly, thus exposing more surface to the heat, and absorbing it more rapidly. This results in faster cooling of the burning materials. 


Use of “wet water” has not yet become general among fire departments, but several instances of control of hay fires in barns have been reported.  In one case treated water penetrated down through 12 feet of chopped hay and extinguished the fire, all with a small amount of treated water. 


In Other News

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ace, on Easter Sunday entertained Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ace and family, Mr. and Mrs. Colin Ace and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ace and son Curtis, and Mr. and Mrs. John Stapleman. 


Easter Sunday dinner guests at the Jonh Onsrud home were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stoneman, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rockwell, Mrs. Eunice and Janet Onsrud of Madison, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mathison and daughter Marian, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Onsrud, Mrs. Brown and daughter Linda.  Miss Helga Onsrud, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Onsrud and Fred Onsrud of Stoughton.


Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robt Curless of Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ellis of Evansville were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Anderson of Brooklyn.  Patricia Lynn, the little daughter of the Morris Andersons, was baptized at the Brooklyn church services that morning and Mr. and Mrs. Curless acted as sponsors. 


Outhouse – Watson

Nuptial vows of Miss Alice Jean Outhouse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Outhouse, and Robert Allen Watson, son of Mrs. Theodora Stogdill, Stoughton, were exchanged Sunday, April 10 at 3 p.m. with the Rev. A. W. Barnlund, Madison officiating.


The bride wore an aqua blue suit with a matching hat and cocoa brown accessories. Her corsage was red roses.


Miss Ruth Outhouse was her sister’s maid of honor.  With her grey suit she wore black accessories and a corsage of pink carnations.


Richard Bredesen, Stoughton was the best man. 


Mrs. Outhouse witnessed the ceremony in a black and aqua crepe dress and the bridegroom’s mother wore a brown suit.  Both had corsages of yellow roses and sweet peas. 


Following the ceremony a reception for 40 guests was held at the home of the bride’s parents.  Later the couple left on a wedding trip to northern Wisconsin.  The bride traveled in a black crepe dress.  Mr. and Mrs. Watson will reside at Stoughton, where the bridegroom is employed by the Petty Cab Service.  Mrs. Watson has been a stenographer at the law offices of Henderson & Mjelde, Stoughton.


Card of Thanks

I wish to thank all my friends and relatives for the lovely gifts, cards, and flowers while I was convalescing at the hospital.  It made me very happy.

-Mrs. Harold Jones


Random Shots

A deficit has been described as something you have when you don’t have anything. 


The recipe commonly used by youngsters for an upset stomach is a hamburger with plenty of onions and pickles.


A sure sign of Spring. Like the wild ducks and geese, tourists with trailer houses attached to their car are moving northward.  These tourists have taken the place of the former bands of gypsies, which headed north every Spring. 


Now that spring has arrived, the baseball fever has again gripped the American kids, and dealers in sporting goods are doing a thriving business selling new balls and bats.  That reminds us of days long ago when dad was not so flush with the mazuma, and the kids had to make their own baseballs.  We vividly remember how we would take a small hard rubber ball for the center, then wind it tightly with cord until the ball was large enough, then cut two properly shaped pieces of leather from the top of an old boot for the cover of the ball and sew it to our ball.  It took ingenuity to sew it so the seam would not hurt one’s hands, but when it was finished it was a better and more durable ball than the cheap ones bought at the store.  The kids in those days had to be ambitious and make their own play equipment. 


For Sale

1939 Chevrolet Coupe Very good rubber, motor, new battery. $75.00 – Oregon Heating Company


1948 Chevy Fleet master, black town sedan, heater, sun visor, other accessories.  Phone 107R

50 Years Ago: April 1974

Village News

Plans were approved to take the necessary steps to purchase the tract of land north of Highway M for installation of the new water tower for the Village.


An Offer to Purchase was approved to purchase approximately one-half acre of land, located in the Town of Fitchburg  from Cletus Brown for $1,000 as a site for a new water tower. 


Upon recommendation from the village recreation committee, they voted for Jack Statz to be summer recreation director for the summer season. 


Upon the police committee recommendation, Sgt. B. J. Mikkelson was promoted to Police Chief.


The library board has been authorized to make a study of the projected area growth as to what the future library needs will be in 10 or 15 years. The library’s growth has already exceeded that which was projected in 1959. 



Over 100 people attended the Easter Bunny Brunch sponsored by the Oregon-Brooklyn Jaycettes on March 30th at the Oregon Community Building. The Jaycettes expressed their special thanks to Lisa Rhead, the Easter Bunny; Kathy Martinson, the Bunny’s helper; Ed Klich who supplied root beer; and to everyone who attended.


Rev. Immanuel Peterson recently retired from full-time ministry at St. John’s Lutheran Church has volunteered his services to the Chamber of Commerce Welcoming Committee to greet newcomers to the Village. Newcomers will receive a Chamber Welcome booklet, as well as a packet containing information from Village officials, school administration, and coupons good for gifts from Oregon business establishments. 


The Oregon Silver Threads and their guests, the Senior Citizens’ Club of Brooklyn, were delightfully entertained by the magic music of Oregon’s Banjo Man”, C.C. Richelieu. Mr. Richelieu operates the banjo manufacturing plant on N. Main St in Oregon. He is an accomplished musician and entertainer in his own right, as he constantly makes appearances throughout the United States. 


Contestants in the Miss Oregon Pageant to be held in the Oregon High School cafetorium are Bernadette DiMaggio, Karen Lyn Friske, Lynn Carlson, Kim Sheil, Mary Walsh, and Terri Winch. The pageant is sponsored by the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. This year’s theme is “A Salute to Irving Berlin. Orrill Ferguson serves as the pageant committee chairman, with the assistance of Ginny O’Brien, Bonnie Bauman and Pat Wilkening.


Announcement has been made as to the organization of a group of horse enthusiasts under the new name of “Oregon Horse Association.”    The organization’s objectives are to work toward recreational trail sytems in the Oregon area, organizing trail rides, providing instruction in horse care, horsemanship, and showmanship. They also plan to participate in parades and show units to promote Oregon as the Horse Capital of Wisconsin.


The children of Mrs. Rhead’s first grade wrote letters to the president. It was a culminating activity to the flag unit written up in the paper a few weeks ago. The children received a letter from the president, signed by the president, and a book telling about him, his family, and the White House:

Dear Girls and Boys

No matter how busy the day is, I always enjoy hearing from young friends! I am glad to know that you are studying about the flag because it represents so much hope for nations around the world. Even more, the flag reminds me of the vast opportunity and freedom of choice that exists here in America. I hope you will continue your studies about our flag and our land so that as you grow older you can build a better life for all our people. With my best wishes for the year ahead. Sincerely, President Nixon


Five Oregon Forensics Team members earned Excellent ratings at the District meet, held at Whitewater High School on March 30th. Lorna Zach, Donn Gasner, Ann Taylor, Pam Gillingham, and Karen Stephens are now eligible to attend the State Forensics Meet in April to be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. 


PTO International Night to be held on April 22nd will feature a presentation by AFS student from Japan discussing his experiences and showing slides of his native country. He will lead a group of third graders in singing “Sakura” , the Japanese cherry blossom song. Sam is a senior this year and is living with his AFS host family, Tom, and Margaret Brown. Amy Sinaiko visited Sardinia last summer as an AFS student and will tell of her adventures and will present a slide presentation. 




Jerry’s IGA advertised Wilson Skinless, shankless, defatted hams at $0.77 cents/lb.; eggs at $0. 67 cents/dozen;  coupons for instant coffee ($1.10), Folger’s 3-lb can ($3.18); 5-lb bag Gold Medal flour($0.93); Cold Power detergent ($0.79)


Fahey Hardware  celebrated their first anniversary on April 5, 6 and 7.   Door prizes were 1)paint for your house or a 5-speed men’s or Ladies’ bike; 2) Structo  kettle grill ; 3) Ashby Web Lawn chaise with pad.


Announcement was made by Mr. and Mrs Bud Nelson operators of “Bud’s Tavern” for the past two years that the establishment has been purchased by Mr. Dave Hicks. He has selected “Double D Bar” as the new name for the bar. 


Louis Arndt of Brooklyn and Gerald Arndt of Oregon are combining as a brother team to purchase the Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning from long-time operator Norman Champion. They are also purchasing the Fahey True Value Hardware store in Brooklyn, together with the beverage store, electrical  and pump business  from Louis Fahey, operator of the Fahey TruValue Hardware in Oregon and Brooklyn. Champion commented that he will continue to be on the staff of the new Oregon operation in the engineering and sales department. Fahey will devote his full-time efforts to the Fahey True Value Hardware in Oregon.




Mr. and Mrs. Phil Peterson, Madsen Circle, and Mrs. Anna Sorenson, rural Oregon, were Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Deb Peterson, Janesville Street. The occasion was in honor of Phil’s birthday. 


Mr. and Mrs. Norman Erway, Kim, Tracy and Ricky returned Sunday from a very enjoyable ski trip to Vail, Colorado. During three of their days skiing, they frequently encountered  young Ted Kennedy, Jr. on the intermediate slopes, where he was learning to ski on one leg, after his amputation for bone cancer. Teddy was quite persistent and was getting to be quite skillful again.


Thirty-two persons representing thirteen businesses in the Madison area enjoyed an 8-day tour to Spain. From the Oregon area, Mr., and Mrs. Earl Wheeler, represented the Bank of Oregon, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tofte represented the Pepsi Cola Co. While there, Mr. Wheeler visited with Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Baumann, a customer of the Bank of Oregon, who is temporarily living in Fuengirola. A side trip was taken to Morocco where they took a tour of the kasbah, an art school, and the Market Place. They enjoyed a Moroccan museum luncheon before returning to Spain. 




The Panther Track Team is blessed this year with three hard-working vaulters, led by junior Bob Markham, who shares the school record of 12 feet. Freshman, Dave Ahrens went 11 feet and Bob Sterling vaulted 10 feet. 


The Oregon Sportsman’s Club is located on 28 acres of land off Sand Hill Road just east of Oregon. A 30’ x 60’ clubhouse was built by members of the Club. The Oregon Sportsman’s Club was formed by a group of local residents in the Spring of 1970 to encourage good sportsmanship among its members and for the furtherance of wildlife and natural habitat.


On Friday night, April 19th, all of the drivers with new late  model stock cars will take to the banked half-mil Capital Speedway track for the first of the weekly Friday night $4,000 purses.

25 Years Ago: April 1999

Local News


For the 3rd consecutive year Brooklyn and seven other Green County communities are teaming up to celebrate Depot Days. Brooklyn board member, Sue McCallum, organizer of the event, says it’s designed to celebrate their heritage and since railroads are such a major part of that heritage, the event is built around that theme.


The three-day event, April 23-25, will feature a variety of attractions such as train rides, model train displays and tours of the remaining depots.  A few of the events, such as the train rides, cost extra, but the basic cost of $3 a person or $10 for a family covers the majority of events in all eight communities, making it an outstanding entertainment bargain.  


The eight communities involved are Brooklyn, Belleville, Browntown, Brodhead, Albany, New Glarus, Monroe, and Monticello. 


McCallum also pointed out that Depot days is the only county wide festival in the entire state, which makes it a very special event. 


Schulz’s to celebrate 45th anniversary.


Wilbert and Grace Schulz will celebrate their 45th anniversary April 11th with a family brunch. They were married April 10, 1954 at Brooklyn Lutheran Church. They have four children: Diane and Stacey, Madison; and Cindy and Gary, Oregon. They have six grandchildren. 



Birthday Party for Mary Ricker


Netherwood Knoll office secretary Mary Richer was taken by surprise April 22 when more than 100 family and friends gathered after classes in the Netherwood Knoll IMC to wish Mary a happy birthday. Mary has been a secretary with the school district for 37 years. 


Bernardo Harris, middle linebacker will be leading the Green Bay Packers on Monday, April 19, when they go up against the Oregon All-Stars.  Harris is in the process of drafting his team.  Under consideration are Craig Newsome, Gilbert Brown and Keith McKenzie.  The official Packer roster will be announced sometime before the game. 


The All-Star coach again this year will be Roger Pribbenow.  Coach Pribbenow will be leading a team featuring high school Players, Ben Olson, Nate Anderson, Katie Freis, Lindsay Cuta and Andy Ring.  Rounding out the all-star team will be Jim Snow, Doug Pettit, Tracey Rosemeyer, Dave Ebert, Andrew Coopman, Mike Derrick, Scott Krueger and form Athletic Director Tom Mueller. 


A special appearance by members of the UW Marching Band will be part of the event.  Band members will be on hand to play a pregame show and have promised a 5 quarter better than the 1999 Rose Bowl game. 

Kickoff will be 7:30 in the OHS gym.  The game is sponsored by students in “sports marketing” at OHS.  Tickets go on sale at OHS.  Adults are $8 and students grades K-12 are $5.


Street Talk


Question: Should NATO send ground troops in Kosovo?


Gloria Dorn, Cosmetologist Brookly – No I don’t think they should send troops in yet. They should bomb them some more and if that doesn’t work, then send in the troops. 


Robert Travis,  Salesperson Oregon -NATO shouldn’t have authority to send in troops.  The only way they should be sent in is if they are sent by the United Nations.  


Brian Dreher, GTE Oregon – Yes, the way it sounds, Milosevic may be another Hitler


Jim Kuska, Retired Oregon – No.  It’s like a sink hole and they will never get out. This looks like it will be another Korea or Bosnia.


Krista Larsen, Salesperson Oregon – Yes, they should send in ground troops, so they actually get the job done. 


Ed Svetich, Salesperson Town of Oregon –Yes,  if our goal is to win.  If our goal is to stop the genocide that would be winning.  I’m concerned we haven’t learned anything from the Second World War.