Oregon History Timeline for August 2017


100 yrs. ago (1917)

Dr. J. M. O’Brien had been in Madison the first three days of the week, giving medical examinations to drafted men who will make up the first quota of the new national army.

The local chapter of the Red Cross had the goal of supplying every young man entering the army from the Oregon area area with one of their comfort bags.   Assembled bags were available from Mrs. E. G. Booth.

Fincher Bros. bought the property [on Jefferson Street] owned by the Fauerbach Brewing Co., located just west of their livery barn. They plan to tear it down and build a Ford Garage on the site.

Robert Gafke was building a new house on his farm on Janesville Street. It will be a modern two-story structure ‘with the latest improvements and conveniences”.

Cornelia DeJean was making the rounds of the millinery world of Chicago and Milwaukee checking out the newest fashions for the coming fall season.

The Wisconsin State Highway Commission announced their decision to route a U.S. highway through Oregon from Madison to Janesville and on to Chicago. However, the exact route had not been determined. Work on the highway was to start next year.

Perry Netherwood announced that owing to the high price of cows and feed as well as raw milk, it would be necessary to raise the price of his milk as of the 1st of September. As of that date the price would be 10 cents per quart delivered to your home. He also noted that his milk comes from high grade Guernsey cattle and that all his products are handled in a sanitary way.

Couples camping at Watercress Park along the shores of Second Lake (Lake Monona) were Mr. and Mrs. Sofus Olson, Mr.and Mrs. Roy Pease, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Usher, and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Johnson.

Donald McGill entertained a benefit at his home for the Red Cross. The entertainment included Victrola recordings of soprano, Amelita Galli-Curei and violinist, Fritz Kreister.

Ray Cowdrey, finishing his first year at the U. S. Naval Academy, had returned from a cruise and was now home on a 30 day leave.

William Elliott left for Fort Sheridan for the second training camp for officers.  T.A. Grady Grocery advertised that the war tax had not raised the price of Holly Chop Tea which is selling for 50 cents a pound or $2.25 for five pounds.


50 yrs. ago (1967)

The Oregon Woman’s Club held their annual Newcomers’ Tea. The new members welcomed were: Mrs. Wallace Atkinson, Mrs. John Benedict, Mrs. Michael Chial, Mrs. Douglas Copsey, Mrs. Donald Fritz, Mrs. Ivan Gregory, Mrs. Robert C. Hansen, Mrs. Gene Herritz, Mrs. Robert R. Johnson, Mrs. Urban Johnson, Mrs. Orville Marks, Mrs. Harold May, Mrs Maurice Nielsen, Mrs. Norman Peck, Mrs Ronald Schuler, Miss Jill Weiss, and Mrs. Phillip Zanoni.

The summer recreational program concluded with several events. An arts and crafts exhibition was under the direction of Pat Martinson; a knitting display was arranged by Jill Weiss; and a baton twirling performance was under the direction of Mrs. Cynthia Liddle. The concluding event was a production of the one act melodrama by R. A. Anderson and R. L. Sweeney, “True Blue and Trusted”, directed by Mrs. Sandra Ott and assisted by Mrs. Ann Nelson. The play’s cast included Diana Durkin, LuAnn Olson, Tracy Nelson, Randy Moore, Sharon Kapusta David Stroede, Danny Ahrens, Donn Gasner, Jay McClure, and Janine Denton. The performance was in the Oregon High School Cafetorium.

The Village Board, following a recommendation from the planning commission, accepted the Waefler-Gasner plat addition to the Village.

Oregon’s Summer Swim Team beats Verona 126 – 32. Members of the local team were Debbie Waefler, Curtis Kneifl, David Ahrens, Dan Ahrens, John Below, Mark Below, Mary Ann Johnson, Marcie Lane, Greg Shermo, John Schroeder, Harley Lemke, David Gouker, Nena Wolowicz, Judy Lane, Sue Wischhoff, Lita Wolowicz, Connie Ringen, Ron Grainer, and Mike Kienast.   Joan Lane was their instructor.

The Oregon High School football field gets new poles and lights for a total cost of $14,297. The cost was part of the bond issue for the new school.

The Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Moonlite Bonanza Sidewalk Sale throughout the business district on August 18th from late afternoon on into the evening.   The Rotary Club held an outdoor fish fry . .. “all you can eat for a $1.00”.   It also included a Community Swap ’n Shop store. Country western music was provided by the Oregon Booster Band.

A water ballet, “Swimming thru Broadway”, was written, produced, and performed by a group of local girl swimmers . Those participating were Mary Tauchen, Sandy West, Susy Wischhhoff, Connie Ringen, Lynn West, Mary Henry, Mary Barger, Pat West, Sue Below, Barb Durkin, Connie Ringen, Collleen Henry, Pam Reddeman, Laurie Kissling, Susy Connor, Gail Thorne, Theresa Stack, Sherree Connor, Kay Kissling, Mary Plummer, Pam Mauer and instructor, Fran Noyce.

The Sportsman’s Bar team of the Women’s Softball League won the league championship, beating the Brooklyn State Bank team (24-23). in a double play-off for a first place berth. Members of the championship team were Ellen Milz, Zona Swinehart, Corky Hanson, Dee Gross, Pauline McManus, Marge Palmer, Carol Cox, Joyce Shepherd, Charlotte Robson, Barb Piggott, Marge Dukerschein and manager, Dolly Dalsoren.


25 yrs. ago (1992)

Brian Ace, a first year member of the Oregon Headliners 4-H Club, won the Grand Champion Loin Lamb at the Dane County Fair. Paula, a third year member of the 4-H club, won Grand Champion Wether Lamb .

The Oregon Schools opened on August 26th. The Oregon High School Office staff for the coming year was Gilman Voss, principal; Jacque Potter and Wayne Bellcross, assistant principals; Lynn Klinke and Sandy Zimmerman secretaries; Helen Schoebel, office manger and Deborah Byberg-Reed, health aide.

The Village Board heard the need to fund a larger police force. It was noted that the national average staffing level is 2.3 officers per 1,000 residents but Oregon had only 1.7 officers per 1,000.

Village Board member, Don Millis, announced he was moving to Sun Prairie and would therefore will resigning from the board. Tom Bogucki was appointed to full his position.

The former Masonic Lodge building at 177-119 South Main Street has been listed on the State Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places.   Built in 1898,   It housed a hardware store on the street level with the Masonic meeting rooms on the second floor.

Erin Vanderpan earned an Honorable Mention award at the 1992 statewide music composition contest. Her entry was a piano solo called “Sonata”.

The Oregon Home Talent baseball team wins over Cottage Grove (15-7) to take the Eastern Division Title. Members of the Oregon team included Paul Speth, Dave Johnson, Scot Brandenburg, Paul Mandt, Mike Statz, Jeff Breitbach, Bruce Ricker, Randy Lewis, and Chris Duerk.


10 yrs. ago (2007)

The Straw Hat Players marked their 25th Anniversary with a production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, “Oklahoma”. The group was formed in 1982 by Judy Heitmann, her husband, Paul, and former Oregon High School choir director, Gay Shaw.

Samantha Suddeth, a local 12 year old girl, appeared on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as part of the Side Swipe’s performance.

Valerie Straavaldsen opened “Hair Studio Valerie “at 115 North Main Street.

The Firefly Coffeehouse featured an exhibit by glassblowers Audrey Handler, Donovan Brooke, and Bryan Tetzlaff entitled “Midnight Light and Glass:”

Oregon Youth Baseball Little League team, sponsored by Wisco Industries, were champions in the “World Series” competition.   Members of the team were Sam Cutter, Jack Krueger, Trevor Klemke, Nick Haepner, David Hallinan, Bryan Putman, Tim Fallon, Andrew McCauley, Mike Rosga, Ryan McGuine, Jonathan Conduah, and Max Farness. Their head coach was Mark Putnam and the assistant coaches were Pat McGuine and Tom McCauley.

Two groups of youth volunteers from HMC Catholic Church went on mission trips to Gallup New Mexico and to the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Nebraska.

There was signifiant flooding in Oregon on North Burr Oak and Florida Avenues and a portion of Prairie View Street following an estimated 7.8 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. This led to the evacuation of five homes on Florida Ave., one home on North Burr Oak Avenue, and the lower half of a duplex on Prairie View St.

The Village Board voted to abandon the sticker/bag system for the collection garbage and recyclables and awarded Pellitteri Waste Systems of Madison with a five-year contract to begin weekly cart collections beginning next year.

Major General Albert Wilkening, longtime Oregon/Brooklyn resident, retired from the Wisconsin National Guard after 39 years of military service; having served as the state’s top military officer for the past five years.

The Lula G. Lemery Foundation for Arts & Expression located at 159 South Main Street held a Grand Opening.