O.K. BARTLETT, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Oregon; born Nov. 16, 1821, in the town of Stafford, Orange Co., VT; resided in his native State as a farmer until the fall of 1844, when he came to Milwaukee; J. S. Frary and himself then proceeded to Oregon on foot (see Sketch of J. S. Frary); after a look over the country, he hired out to Dr. Fox, and while in his employ, was badly hurt by a threshing-machine accident; he entered an 80 on Sec. 34, Fitchburg, that fall, and spent the winter with one Dike, in a shake-proof shanty, his nights spent in a windowless loft, and his days at rail splitting. His present wife was Mary Preston; her sister, Jane Preston, married F. Ross, and in the fall of 1845, she accompanied them from Stafford VT to Wisconsin; Mr. and Mrs. B. were made one in Madison soon after, and began housekeeping in a log house with furniture made by him, he manufacturing tables, chairs, etc., with an ax from the forest trees around them; five years later, just before a trip to the East, Mr. B. burned this homely furniture, and on their return, more was bought in Milwaukee. In 1854, he built a good frame house; soon after this sold out, then resided for a short time in Dunntown, and later in Iowa; in Oregon Village he built four houses, selling three, his sister, Mrs. Frary, owning one he built for her; Mr. Bartlett settled on his present farm of 120 acres in 1866; has erected two houses and many other improvement upon this. Mr. and Mrs. B. have one son, Preston V., born June 17, 1851 in Fitchburg. His wife made a visit East in 1862, and he one during the Centennial.

1880 History of Dane County, Town of Oregon, p. 1234