Oregon History Timeline for December 2017


1917 (100 yrs. ago)

At about 8:45 a.m., Sunday, December 9th, the fire department was called to the home of the editor of the Oregon Observer, E. F. Kramer.   A fire had started between the walls, near the chimney and from there spread to the second floor and attic. The house was a complete loss. Hampering the firefighters was a temperature that had dropped to 16 below zero. The following accident occurred while fighting the blaze: “The chemical engine had been emptied onto the fire and later some of the members (i.e. firefighters) attempted to refill it. In the meantime, however, a gas formed from the chemicals left in the cylinder. The iron cover froze and refused to come off. Some hot water was used in thawing it off when suddenly the pressure blew off the cover and G. L. Booth received the heavy charge of gas in the face knocking him over. In falling he stuck on the back of his head and shoulders, rendering him unconscious. He was taken to the Lindsay home where he soon revived. Except for being stiff and sore in spots he has recovered from his experience.”

A stag party was given at Woodman Hall for Louis Pease who had enlisted in the Signal Corp and will be leaving for training at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.

Ira S. Richardson is planning to move into town in the near future He bought the C. B. Kellor home on South Main Street.

Rural mail patrons are reminded that during the cold winter months they shouldn’t expect the carriers to gather loose pennies left in the mail boxes for articles being sent. It requires the carrier to remove their mittens, causing cold hands and fingers. If you place coins in the box, wrap them up in a piece of paper and make sure you have the right amount for the required postage.

Don’t want to cook a Christmas dinner? For 50 cents a plate the Portland Hotel offered a Christmas Day Dinner: roast turkey,   bread dressing, cranberry jelly, sweet or white potatoes, asparagus tips, cold slaw, pickles, and olives. For dessert there was mince pie, nuts, candy, and Christmas cookies along with coffee to drink.

A Christmas program was held by the school at the Olson Opera House on December 20th. The program included the song, “Christmas Time has Come Again”, sung by all the grades; a Bethlehem Scene by the kindergarten; “Christmas Carol” by the high school girls; a play, “The Real Santa Claus” by the 3rd and 4th grades; music by the Girls Glee Club; a play ‘When the Toys Come Alive” by the 1st and 2nd. grades; an instrumental duet by Donald McGill and Cyril Grady; and a play, Dicken’s “Christmas Carol” by the upper grades. Admission was 15 cents for adults and free admission for children.

The Danish Brotherhood officers for the New Year were John Rasumssen, president; Peter Larsen, vice-president; S. B. Therkelsen secretary, M.C. Karmgard treasurer and the following trustees; Wm.Petersen, Chris Nielsen, and Art Tilley. Others holding offices were Kroyr Christensen, Paul Nielsen, and Chris Johnson.

L.G. Booth, proprietor of the candy/confectionary shop, “The Booth” encouraged residents to try his “good, pure candy” for the holiday season. He also handled a fine line of nuts, fruit, and cigars.

E.G. Booth & Son featured the new Hoosier kitchen cupboard with its super-features that will “change your whole mode of living.”   Up to 400 items could be stored within an arms reach and its porcelain top is as easily cleaned as a china plate.

Marie McGill, president of the Standard Bearer’s Society, gave notice in the paper of a New Years Eve Party. Hay racks will leave the post office at 7:15 o’clock New Years’ Eve.


50 yrs. ago (1967)

The Chamber of Commerce with help from the Village decorated Oregon’s business district with new Christmas decorations. The new nativity scene in the village park was constructed by men from the Oregon State Farm.

The Women’s Club celebrated the Holiday Season with a potluck dinner followed by the presentation of two plays.   The first one, “The Women of Christmas” was narrated by Mrs. Ralph Sholts with a cast that included Mrs. John Webster (Mary); Mrs. Bill Booth (Sarah); Mrs. Orin Otteson (innkeeper’s wlfe); Mrs. John Plummer (Rachel); Mrs. Jack McManus (Rebecca) and Mrs. Jay Winter (an angel). The second play was a pantomime melodrama entitled “And Christmas Came’”. The hostesses for the event was Mrs. Walter Waelfer, Miss Matilda Jensen, Mrs. James O’Neal, Mrs. Phil Peterson, and Mrs. John Webster.

Tom Appel was the leading scorer on the OHS varsity basketball team So far in the season he had scored 52 points.

On December 9th Santa Claus arrived in Oregon. He was assisted by Miss Oregon, Betty Hoffland, and Chamber of Commerce member, Norris Breitbach. During the two Saturdays of his visit over 800 youngsters had their picture taken with him. In other contests the winners of the first two Chamber $5.00 gift certificates were Kathy Olson and Mrs. Soren Thompson. Drawings for certificates continued daily throughout the Holiday Season.

The Oregon Rotary Club announced the winners of their annual Christmas decorating contest.

In the religious class, first place went to the home of Gerald Knobeck ($10,00 cash prize from The Rotary Club); second place went to the James Wenz home ($5.00 cash prize from Oregon Heating and Air Conditioning); and third place to the Milton Wischhoff Sr. home ($5.00 from Paul’s Supermarket).   In the decorative class the winners were the Dallas Zimmerlee home (prize, an electric blanket from W.P.&L) second place went to the Dr. J. W. Plummer home ($5.00 cash prize from Jay Bossingham); and third place went to the Vernon Mitchell home ($5.00 cash prize from The Bank of Oregon). The Stoughton Rotarians awarded a special $5.00 prize to Norman Champion for having the decorations with the most originality.

The Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament was won by a team comprised of OHS graduates 1924 through 1954. They defeated the classes of 1963 and 1964 in the championship game by a score of 57-46. The two oldest tournament participants were thought to have been Lester “Dolly” Dalsorsen and Jack Sheil. They had actively participated in the annual event for at least the past 15 years. Terry Inslee, a 1958 graduate, came from his home in Rochester, New York to participate. It was noted that Roger Christensen broke his elbow in one of the games but continued to play out the rest of the game.


25 yrs. ago (1992)

The Oregon Lioness Club sponsored their annual Holiday Tour of Homes. The homes on the tour this year were those of Patty Kexel and Tom Herman, Hans and Sue Schut, Bill and Kathy Makasian, and LeRoy and Doretta Umnuth.

Mille Schewe was presented with a plaque from some of the grateful parents and children for her helpful service as a school crossing guard.

Barber, Don Kneifl, announced that he plans to retire. He has served the community for over 31 years.

Elementary students and their parents in the Oregon Schools were learning how to be more inclusive in their school holiday celebrations and activities, taking in consideration those from families with economic hardships as well as students from other cultures with different traditions. Elementary School Principal, Teri Mills, indicated that changes will need to be made in the future to accommodate a more diverse student body.

Six OHS students appeared before the Oregon Board of Education requesting that the school include in the curriculum an elective course dealing with multicultural and gender issues.

No board action was taken.

On Sunday, the 20th. of December a live Nativity scene was held in front of the Peoples United Methodist Church. Those participating included Heather Schneider (Mary); Tim Staton (Joseph); Dawn Trexel and Kim Schneider (angels); Jenie McKernan, Mike Berry, and Nathan Bethel (the Wisemen; Rachel Hinttzman, Jerry Ace and Howard HInztman (Shepherds); Mike Zart (the innkeeper).

Community National Bank purchased property at the corner of Park Street and Hwy. 138 for the future side of a branch office.

The OHS varsity wrestling team placed 3rd out of the 21 teams competing at the Mid-States Classic Tournament. Ryan Kjellstrom won the individual pound championship with a 5-0 record. He won in the title bout 8-5 over a Beloit wrestler.


10 yrs. ago (2007)

Four Oregon youth placing first in the 2007 NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick contest held in Fitchburg, earned the right to go on to the competition at the Middleton Sectionals. The four advancing to the sectionals were Jayme Zander (girls 8-9 years old); Alex Duff (boys10-11 years old); Trent Ricker (boys 8-9 years old) and Alexa Nelson (girls 12-13 years old).

The Village Board authorized the engineering consulting firm of Ruckert Mielke to submit applications to FEMA and The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources for assistance in buying the six properties damaged during the August flooding. The goal was to remove the six homes and let the area near Badfish Creek to return to green space.

The Village Board approved spending up to $207,800 for engineering services on two projects related to the Alpine Business Park. Projects mentioned were for a regional stormwater pond and road extension.

The offices of the Chamber of Commerce relocate from the Village Hall to the lower level of Oregon Community Bank building. (They were later to move back to the Village Hall)

The Brooklyn Elementary School received a $500 grant from the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance program in support of the school’s math program. Attending the presentation were Anita Koehler, principal of Brooklyn Elementary School; Nissan Rodriguez, owner of Brooklyn Mini Mart, who assisted in obtaining the grant,; and Lynne Outhouse.

Oregon athletes benefit by the help given by strength and conditioning coach, Josh Hockett. Some athletes that were taking advantage of this training included Doug Statzer Luke Ballentine, Paul Hockett, Ethan Berge, and Courtney McCaw.

The Brooklyn Elementary Staff recognized and thanked those who contributed toward the building of Brooklyn School Pavilion. Those recognized included Ed Hefty Construction LLC; Brunsell Lumber; Jeff Groenier (Concepts in Architecture); Steve Parker (Nelson Roofing); Bob Baumel (Mendota Contractors); Brent Cox, Chad Cox, Dan Hefty (Landscaping) and Lee Ekstrom (Timberland Landscaping); The Bruning Foundation and Brooklyn Elementary’s students and families.

Netherwood Knoll 2nd graders got a surprise visit from UW mascot, Bucky Badger, during their winter party. Their teacher, Deb Fischer, said that during the past semester the students had been learning new math skills by tracking the ups and down of the UW-Madson football team.