H. B. RICHARDS, grain and produce dealer, Oregon; born in the town of Goshen, Litchfield Co., Conn. July 11, 1816; attended school and worked as a farmer till he was 21, then went South as collector for a company dealing in clocks; followed this three years, returned, and farmed two years, then clerked seven years, and, in 1852, began mercantile business in Litchfield; came to Wisconsin in 1856, clerked a short time in Footville, then farmed it, speculated, and did Justice business until his settlement in Oregon, Nov. 1, 1865; worked a year in the depot here, then formed a partnership with E.A. Foot, who built the Oregon warehouse, which Mr. R. bought three years later, at the dissolution of the firm of E.A. Foot & Co.; up to 1879, he dealt extensively in grain, now renting the warehouse.Squire Richards has been Justice of the Peace in the village for the past ten years, and has done most of the Justice business.  Is a Republican.

He married, in her native town, of Litchfield, Conn.  Miss S.A. Phelps; they had two daughters-Anna E. (Mrs. C. H. Cronk) and Fannie A., who died in Footville, aged 19.  The Squire has a pleasant home in the village, owning 17 acres adjoining, where he farms on a limited scale.

Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 1248.