JOSEPH GRIERSON FOX, of Oregon, was born in Suntown, Ireland, about fifty miles from Dublin, April 12, 1822. His parents were William and Eleanor (Lynn) Fox, both natives of Ireland. His father was a merchant of Dublin, but after coming to the United States, he took up the occupation of farming, settling in La Grange, Ind., which remained his home.Joseph Fox was one of a family of ten children, six brothers and four sisters, and was about eleven years of age when he accompanied his parents to this country.

In 1844, then a young man of twenty-two, he came to Dane county and took up one hundred and sixty acres of government land in the town of Oregon. To this he added from time to time until he had a fine farm of three hundred and fifty-five acres of improved land which was devoted mostly to the raising of Belgian horses.

Mr. Fox affiliated with the Presbyterian church and in politics with the Democratic party; he served as the register of deeds of Dane county.

He was twice married; his first wife, whom he married June 22, 1845, was Miss Mary Lalor, daughter of Patrick Lalor, of Tenakill, Queens county, Ireland. By her he had four children, George Fox, M.D., of Janesville; Anna Catherine (deceased): Eleanor, now Mrs. Wm. Kiser of Mena, Ark.; Joseph Patrick (deceased). Mrs. Fox died August 30, 1850. On May 24, 1855, Mr. Fox married Harriet Lucinda–daughter of Christian Adamson, Esq. of Ballinlack, Ireland, –who died February 24, 1895. They had one son, J. H. Fox, who was born May 20, 1856, and who married June 16, 1886, Ida, daughter of John Q. Kiser, Esq. of Fitchburg township; they have one daughter, Carrie Dora, born November 30, 1890. All of the children and the grandchild of Mr. J. G. Fox were born in the town of Oregon.

J.H. Fox is a member of the Modern Woodmen of Oregon, and his father was a Mason. The latter died June 17, 1906.

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