July 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

OAHS Board Highlights ~ July 2022

From Dixie Brown, Museum Coordinator – plans are underway to erect a concrete pad along the east side of the Museum to display the artifacts from the Hallelujah Camp.  A new winter scene as backdrop for the sleigh exhibit in the lower level has been completed by Mike Derrick and his daughter.


From Luke Heiar, Treasurer – Luke is creating a spread sheet to keep track of all current members, as well as former members, one-time and occasional donors and business contacts. This historical information may be essential should we enter into a capital fund drive.


Bob Block told that that Relocation Committee is on hold pending developing information on available sites.  He encouraged board members – and in turn, readers of this column – to explore in person or via websites other historical museums in the area.  He lifted up Princeton, Wisconsin, Ripon and Mt. Horeb in particular.  A visit could result in new ideas that could be considered for our own museum.


The board continue its review of the Bylaws – focusing on Articles 2,3,6 and 7.  A complete set of revised Bylaws will be made available to Society members by late fall for consideration and adoption at the 2023 Annual Meeting.  


The Ice Cream Social on June 21 – while rained out at the concert intermission – netted about $400 for the museum.  JoAnn Swenson expressed a word of positive gratitude to all who donated and worked the event.


The Scavenger Hunt in June was also rained out;  the new date is Saturday July 30 from 10-11:30.  This is a fine event for families of all ages to have a fun way to learn more of history of the Village of Oregon.


National Night Out will be held on Tuesday, August 2; Gerhard Pehler is coordinating our booth at the event.  Come out and support our local police department, and the Historical Society.  


Bill’s Grocery Receipts.  Do you throw your receipts away?  Did you know the Museum collects them and turns them back to the store for a cash contribution?  We typically receive about $200 annually from Bill’s.  Save your receipts and bring them to the museum anytime we are open (Tuesdays 10-3 and summer Saturdays 9-12.)

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