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Welcome to our historical timeline of past events.  Here we will share tidbits of news that happened 25, 50 and 75 years ago in the Oregon area.

June 2024 Timeline

75 Years Ago - June 1949

Playground News



Oregon’s “free” pool has had over 700 boys and girls in attendance since it opened June 14th. The evening hours have proved most attractive to the adults of the area, while afternoon swimming hours draw the younger group.


The playgrounds have been less fortunate in attendance.  This has been mostly due to showers and various religious instructions which hold the younger groups during the morning hours. The playgrounds have been active in group playing. The activities featured are baseball, basketball, football, golf, horseshoes, washers, and croquet. 


The Dane County Red Cross Chapter is holding “free” swimming lessons for all Oregon children every Friday afternoon from 2 to 4. Miss Patterson is in charge of swimming instructions at the pool.  Parents are urged to send their children to the pool every time they can. The swimming instructors are qualified and promise good results if the children are on time. 


Polio Reminder



The National Infantile Paralysis Foundation reminds parents that summer is the season for polio and passes along these precautions to lessen danger of infection. 


Avoid swimming in polluted water.  Avoid over fatigue caused by too active play, or irregular hours.  Avoid sudden chilling. Remove wet shoes and clothing at once and keep extra blankets and heavier clothing handy for sudden weather changes. 


Observe the golden rule of personal cleanliness.  Keep food covered tightly and safe from flies and other insects. 



Random Shots



If you think that the English language is easy for a citizen of another country to learn, explain why it is that oats is always used in the plural and wheat in the singular as a bushel of oats and a bushel of wheat. 


Concerts – Movies


The bandstand has been completed and from now on beginning this Wednesday there will be band concerts or movies alternately every Wednesday evening during the summer.  Any contributions toward this worthwhile civic program may be made at the bank. 


Favor Two Weeks Pheasant Season


The Wisconsin Conservation Congress has voted in favor of a two-week pheasant season in the central and southern part of Wisconsin.  The season will open next October 22nd.


The delegates turned down a motion to open the season a week earlier and they went along with delegates from Racine, Kenosha and Dane counties to give the birds more time to mature. Shooting hours will be from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon. Bag limits of two daily and four in possession were approved.  


Local News


Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Lappley, Miss Patricia and “Buddy” left Saturday for Yellowstone Park for several days’ vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lappley are staying at their cottage at Lake Waubesa and little John is staying with them. 


Members of Oscar Mayer & Co. pig project in Dane Co. met in the Oregon village hall Thursday to transfer ten gilts from this spring’s litters to ten new boys of the Oregon Stoughton area. 


Werner Eugster proved a very capable toastmaster at the short program following the splendid ham dinner which was served by the ladies of the Methodist church.  Speakers were Lowell Gjermo, County Agent Hurley and Bill Marquardt.


The outstanding job of sow and litter management was done by Dick Sheil whose pigs had an average weight of 74 pounds at 82 days of age. For this splendid job Dick was presented with the top cash prize by Mr. Marquardt. 

50 Years Ago: June 1974

Village News

The Village Board unanimously voted to grant a request by Charles Crary, representing the Oregon Park Board, that a tot park on Florida Avenue be officially named the Hugh Dega Memorial Park, in memory of the architect who contributed so much to its development.


Members of the Stoughton Fire Department brought the big snorkel over to help Oregon firemen (chief, Jerry Booth, asst chief, Dick Andersen, advisor, Harold Wendt and firemen Ken West and Carl Booth) remove one of the older sirens that was placed on the downtown water tower. 


Graduation ceremonies were held for 179 Oregon High School seniors on May 30, 1974. The evening’s event started with Mike Davis, director of the High School Concert Band leading the processional, followed by the invocation by Rev. Cyril Jandry and a presentation by the mixed chorus. The class motto was “A Time for Us.”

Delegates from the Oregon Chapter of FHA-HERO attended the 28th Annual State Convention of the Wisconsin Association of FHA-HERO at Green Lake, WI on June 3, 4 and 5. Those attending from the Oregon Chapter were Cheryl Staley, Merry Schwenn, Merlane Kopke, Patti Lynaugh and Cindy Roznos. They were accompanied by their chapter advisor, Lynn Buyarski. The keynote speaker for the convention was astronaut Donald “Deke” Slayton, originally from Sparta WI. Slayton will be a member of the Space Crew that will be linking up with the Soviet Cosmonauts in July 1975.


Dave Mandt’s Texaco, 201 N Main Street, offers complete muffler, battery and lube service and the best deal in town on tires! 

Postmaster Burlyn Nelson announced that an examination for clerk and carrier positions in the Post Office will be held and applications are now being accepted. 

Haak’s Skogmo Store on South Main Street is advertising Tank Tops and “Wacky Front” Shirts (size 2 to 20) at $2 and $2.50. 

The Stable Supper Club, North Main Street, Oregon serves luncheons, dinners, cocktails and has banquet facilities to accommodate 350. They are closed on Mondays.


Carol Segebrecht Grand Marshall of the Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, will be honored at a dinner and reception on June 29th. 

Ernie Tresch was nominated and elected by unanimous vote of the directors of Genesis Housing to fill the position vacated by the resignation of Henry Grundahl. Mr. Grundahl has served as a director of the housing corporation since its inception. He will be moving to Mt. Horeb to take possession of a farm he purchased just west of the village. 


Senior John Williams ran his last race as an Oregon Panther. He ran a near-perfect time of 1:56.5 in the 800-yard run; but lost to Steve Badger of Wilmot on the last step of the race. Badger posted the same time as Williams but was given first place. 

The Joie Chitwood Thrill Show – “The Greatest Show on Wheels” – will appear at the Capitol Speedway on Saturday, June 29th at 8:30 p.m.


Benny Bauman, age 3, will audition for the Ted Mack Show with his band, “Benny and the Jets”.  The band consists of Benny’s father, John, who is a teacher in the Oregon Schools and plays lead guitar; Jerry Jensen, an Oregon farmer who plays bass guitar, and Dave Wick, a mechanic, who sings with the group.   Benny received his first drum set on his third birthday and his mom says he hasn’t quit playing since.  

25 Years Ago: June 1999

Local News

Oregon Library goes high tech.


A walk into the Oregon Library is all it takes to locate a computer treasure: three computer monitors surrounded by peripheral equipment such as keyboards, printers, and scanners Each computer has select capabilities, but between them they offer every computer service one would expect from the finest home computer system. 


On another table are four smaller monitors, complete with keyboards. They deal primarily with the books, videos, and periodicals available throughout the Sount Central Library System. As a bonus, patrons don’t have to know a thing about computers.  One of the Oregon librarians will give them instructions. 


Responding to flooding concerns from the May 16 and June 13 floods, the Oregon Village Board has decided to put stormwater management as a top priority this year. On Monday evening the board decided to hire financial consultants Baird and Associates to prepare a long-range debt and capital projects financial plan. 


It was also decided to postpone remodeling of the Village Hall, but to go on with the construction of the public safety building and addition to the public works building, so that borrowed money can be spent to fix Oregon’s flooding problem. 


Summerfest Events 


On Saturday June 26th there will be a Boulder Climbing Wall from 1-8, Farm and Flea Market from 8-2, an Arts and Craft fair from 9-4, a Softball Tournament from 8:30 -6, Helicopter Rides from noon to dusk, a volleyball tournament from 8:30-6, a Sport side Beer Garden from noon – 12:30 a.m.  Firemen’s water fights from 1-6.  There will also be food served by BrouxNellies Diner, Summer Fest Food Stand Charbroiled Steaks, hamburgers, and delicious cheesecake from noon-8.


Sports News


Abner Doubleday, Alexander Cartwright and in Oregon, Bernard Faust. 


What do all these names have in common? They are all credited with starting the game of baseball, Doubleday and Cartwright , the actual game itself and Bernard doing the same with youth baseball in Oregon.


It all started in 1957, when, after living in Oregon for almost 15 years, Bernard decided to start up a Little League team with the help of his wife, Lucy, who kept score and drove one of two cars to away games. Earl Hennessey, who scheduled games for the team and Lawrence Hanson, who helped manage the boys and took pictures.


Bernard never went to high school, as he had to work on his father’s farm, but found enough time to play baseball in the fields, and later, found the time to do the same with kids. 


All that time spent playing baseball with the children led Bernard to approach the grade school principal Ed Kozlovsky and ask him for any baseball equipment he had. Kozlovsky referred Bernard to Jack Statz, the head baseball coach at the high school, who gave Bernard a few baseballs and bats. All the group of 11–13-year-olds needed now was a place to play and Pat Putnam provided the field, and games got underway.  After the only season in Little League, Bernard moved the team up to Babe Ruth, where the players received their first “suits” donated by Oregon businesses.  The team won several trophies, including the Dane County trophy and the Southern Division title. 


Street Talk

Question: Oregon graduating seniors: What are your plans after graduation?


Jennifer Faust – I’m going to UW Madison for Vet Tech.


Melinda West – I’m going to MATC for Accounting 


Amanda Rapaud – Work, work, work and more work. I work at Damon’s East


Justin Coleman – Working a lot.  I’m a manager at Hardees’s in Verona. 


Cameron Laliberte – I’m going to college in South Carolina. Bob Jones University. It’s a Christian school.  I’m thinking of going into aviation.  I’m not sure yet. 


Pat Mickelson –I’m going to take a little break from school, and I’m going back in January.  I’m going to Whitewater. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to study.