History of the Museum

The Oregon Hotel was the first occupant of this site.  Being near the Railroad Depot, it was a favorite stopping place for traveling salesmen and stock dealers.


The hotel burned down in May of 1906.  This is the second building on the site.  The new building was erected in 1908 and functioned as a Farm Co-op.  The scales for weighing wagons are still located underground on the east side of the building and a portion is visible in the lower level.


In the early 1930’s, the Allen Lumber Company assumed ownership of the building and it was used by various owners of the lumber yard until it was purchased by Florice Paulson from Fred Chase in 1989.  She then donated the building to the Oregon Area Historical Society for use as a Museum.


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Historical Event - Purchase of Building

Museum project2

Museum early days

Museum crew copy

lumber co. building