Nathaniel Ames was born in Killingsley, Conn. on April 25, 1761.  He enlisted in the continental service for the campaign of 1779.  From the beginning until the end he served in the Revolutionary War.  He was stationed at Valley Forge in the cold winter of 1779-80 and frequently saw General Washington as he came among his soldiers. He also saw Major Andre executed in front of the old stone church.Nathaniel Ames

After the Revolution, he traveled extensively and finally settled in the wilderness near the headwaters of the Mohawk River.  He married Miss Sarah Hall who became the mother of eleven children, one of whom, David H. was the grandfather of William L. Ames of this village.  He then joined the Wesleyan Methodist church and became a preacher.  He was then about 37 years of age and continued to preach until 75 years of age.

At the age of 84, Nathaniel Ames traveled to Wisconsin, accompanied by his daughter.  His grandson, John N. Ames, married Miss Mary Ball, and five children were born to them–Francis M., John F., Sara A., William L., and Florence A.  In 1941, Mr. W.L. Ames resided in the village and Mrs. Arthur Sholts on the homestead in the town of Oregon.

Nathaniel Ames died in Oregon at the age of 102 years and was buried in the Oregon cemetery.  He was the last surviving Revolutionary veteran in Wisconsin.

Well Known Men of the Community. IN Souvenir of Oregon Centennial, Supplement to the OREGON OBSERVER, June 26, 1941, p. 31.

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