November 2020 History Timeline

100 years ago (November 1920)

The Armistice Day ceremonies had to be held in the Woodmen Hall due to the weather.  Schools responding to the change in plans were Miss Meloy of the Rutland Center District; Miss Sveum of Tipple School, Oak Hill District; Miss Kivlin of Oak Hall; Miss Norma Grady, Fisher Valley District; Mrs. Mary Anderson, Locust Grove School.  Miss Morrisey hired an auto and brought her pupils from the Fish Hatchery District.  Miss Lacy of District No. 12 expressed by letter her regrets on account of the cold and the bad roads that she and her pupils would be unable to attend.  Plans were to have all rural school children to gather at the Oregon School grounds at 2:00 p.m.  However, the program was held at Woodmen Hall and included interesting addresses by A. M. Sholts and J. S. Cusick. The arrangements committee was reelected for another year.

S. G. Shampnor sold his meat market to L. A. Tusler and John Olson.


The agricultural class at the Storytown School has just finished studying the Babcock Testing Machine
(tests the percentage of butter fat in milk; see the machine at the museum).


The seed corn exhibit at the First National Bank closed, and was judged by Prof. Leith of the University of Wisconsin.  Wm. E. Colloday won first prize; Gus Hanson second; and Frank Anderson, third.  Prof. Leith gave a very interesting talk on corn breeding.  Mr. Colloday carried off first honors with the variety of corn known as Silver King, Wisconsin No. 7, and in an interview informed the Observer that he harvested 132 bushels of this corn from one acre, 35 bushels of which was saved for seed corn.

Oregon is hit by small pox:  “An epidemic of small pox has struck Oregon and as a result the schools, churches, movie shows, dances and other public gatherings, have been suspended. The small pox cases, in most instances, are in a mild form, but a rigid quarantine has been put in force by the local board of health in order to stamp out the disease as rapidly as possible.  The local schools have been closed until January 2nd, but as this period includes the Christmas vacation the time lost will not be as great as is first apparent.  It is also the intention of the school board to eliminate the Easter vacation and so doing only two weeks of actual time will be lost in schoolwork.  When school opens again all children must show a recent successful vaccination or they will not be allowed to attend for a period of 25 days.  This is a ruling of the state board of health and it is the intention of the local health board to strictly enforce the ruling to the letter.  It is therefore important that parents see that their children are vaccinated before school begins.  By successful vaccination is meant a vaccination that has been effective.   If the first inoculation does not “work” there must be a second, and if there are no results from the second there must be a third.  But if the third does not “work” it is considered the person is immune from the disease.”

50 years ago  (November 1970) 

The Village Board votes to create a Parks Board to work out and develop the future park areas in the village. Village attorney, Tom Brown, was instructed to prepare an ordinance to create the board.

The Top Shop opens in the former Corner Store building.  They will be handling home  bar and accessories in addition to kitchen counters and cabinets and sauna baths.

A record attendance of 922 was recorded at the Holly Mother of Consolation smorgasbord and bazaar.

The U.W. Hockey coach, Robert Johnson, was guest speaker at the annual dinner meeting of the Oregon Woman’s Club.


Jerry’s I.G.A. holds a Grand Opening.  The former C & P is now owned and operated by Jerry and Sharon Norin.
The check out clerk is Eleanor McClure.


The Sub-District 1-Act Drama Contest was held at OHS.  Four Sub-Central Suburban schools were represented:  Oregon, Evansville, Columbus, and Clinton.  Two of the schools received an  “A”  rating, Oregon and Evansville.  They will advance to the district competition.   The name of the play was “90 Degrees in the Shade”.   Cast members included Ron Garner, Paul Hanson, Linda McMannes, Tim McNurlen, Denny Bechim, and Julie Barger.


The OHS football team ended their season as Co-Champions of the Central Suburban Conference.
They shared the title with Lake Mills; both having 6-1 conference records.


The OHS Cross Country Team won the 1970 Conference Championship. The Seniors on the winning team were Mark Aylesworth, Hans Plummer, John Black, and Tim McNurlen.  John Black was voted team captain and Hans Plummer, most valuable player.   Their coach was Merritt Bohse.

The Chamber of Commerce discussed tthe possibility of building a youth ice-hockey rink.

The Bank of Oregon advertises Bank Americard as the only charge card you’ll ever need.


The Optimists elect new officers:  Earl Wheeler, president; Richard McIntosh, vice-president;
Russell Sackett, secretary and treasurer.  The directors are Donald Snow, Richard Ibach,
Donald Doyle, and Bernie Kllian.


The Squire Clothing Store announces that it will be going out of business.  Closing sales will start November 27th.

25 years ago (November 1995)

During the 1994-95 school year a group of environmentally conscious OMS eighth graders formed an environment club called TEAM.   They started with global problems and then narrowed their focus to local issues.   Wisconsin Power & Light helped them locate and plant trees and shrubs.   Members of the club included Jaine Jelenchick, Ty Kroll, Matt Micher, Amber Zuhlke, Brandan Eichsteadt, Mike Groich, and Ger Nolden.

The OHS players gave a production of Cole Porter’s musical “Anything Goes”.

The Women’s Town and Country Club held their fall luncheon and style show. Club members featured fashions from Yosts of Madison. All proceeds went for middle and high school awards and to area civic and service organizations.  Members advertising the event were Jeanne Doyle, Gina O’Brien, Carol Robert, Lolia Nordlie, and Dorothy Kruse.

Daydreams Stencil Company and Country Store  (4131 Co. Hwy. A) is now open for business and will offer special classes for the fall and holidays.

OHS boys cross country team finished eighth in the state.

The issue over the Lyman Anderson gravel pit is continued as People Against the Quarry announced have filed suit against the county’s conditional use permit.  They requested a temporary injunction to stop any construction while the case is in litigation.

Four girl swimmers go on to the state competition.  The four were Meaghan Larkins, Carrie Hackbart, Jennifer Broadley, and Alicia Graziano.  Their coach was Jennifer Cominetti-Craig.

Four OHS students attended the National FFA Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri.  Attending were Adam Hady, Amber Denson, Mike Sauer, and Matt Dunn.

The amended Village Ordinance requires dogs to be on a leash any time they are not on the owners property.

10 years ago (November 2010)

The extension of Braun Road from the Alpine Business Park to North Main St. is nearly completed.  The cost for traffic signals at he intersection, estimated at $150,00, came in $40,000 less than estimated.

The returning letter winners on the OHS wrestling team were Kurt Stazer, Nyle O’Brien, Brock Padley,  Kevin Schewe, Jack Hagatrom, Eric Wash, Max Sampson, and David Bitter.

Seniors, Brooks McMahon and Brianna, Wethal, signed their National Letters of Intent.  McMahon will play baseball for the University of Minnesota-Duluth and Wethal will play volleyball at Michigan Technological University at Houghton, Michigan.

First Presbyterian Church broke ground for a new church to be built on the west side of Oregon at the end of Bergamont Boulevard.

OHS students give a production of the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”.

 Village President, Steve Stanton, swore in Oregon Police officer Josh Colman and the department’s new police dog, Vende.

OHS senior, Jake Gundlach, was Oregon’s lone selection for the offensive first team All Badger South football team; compiling 553 rushing yards on 153 attempts for an average of 3.61 yards per carry.  Adam Gorman secured the much deserved spot on the All Badger South defensive team as a defensive end.