Oregon Community Book’s Blog – Community Stories

Efforts were made in 2009-2010 to compile Oregon stories for a book. The OAHS supported the early efforts. The book was not completed, but a blog was set up. We want to preserve and share these special Oregon stories.

The blog contains the following stories:

Oregon Public Library Centennial Celebration 1910-2010

Joan Gefke’s death is a loss to our community

Oregon Brooklyn Satellite – Habitat for Humanity

“Don’t Just Watch TV – Make It”

Making Summerfest a Community -and Family -Tradition

What was Life like in the 1940’s

History Repeats Itself: “Warning to Shoppers”

“Miss Oregon” – Not Just Another Beauty Pageant

12 Years at the Home Café

Ginger’s Dance School

Oregon’s Open Book Club

On Veteran’s Day, Remember Liberty Pole Hill in Brooklyn

Clarice Christensen’s Oregon Library Centennial Anniversary Plate

A Short History of Friends of the Library

Do you remember these Oregon Businesses?

Gerald “Jerry” Luebke, came to Oregon to establish a bank

Oregon Area Historical Society’s “Loaning Closet”

Did you march in the OHS marching band?

Queen for a day

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