Photo 12


This photo is from 1910 and is of Patrick J. Landers, a foreman on the railroad, and his section gang.  The 1910 census shows Landers is 49 years old and his household in Oregon includes his wife Erigence, age 45, Violet and Brulah, both age 15, and Pansey, age 11.  Probably living in the home as boarders are Earl S. Smith, age 20, and Charles Piller, age 38. Updated photo ids: Back row: Guy Solomon Johnson (b. 9 March 1872), Ralph Johnson (b. 9 Aug 1867), and Isaac ____________. Front row: ______________, Leroy Johnson (b. 15 Jan 1842), and _________________. One of the unknowns could be P.J. Landers.   If anyone can identify the other individuals in the photo, please contact the OAHS at 608-835-8961.