Photo 32


Don Swinton and Paul Mangan.  This model is a reconstruction depicting the area of the depot and railroad yards of Oregon in the early 1900’s. This project had been suggested by Bob Boomsma when he visited the museum and had an idea of how he could help us tell the story of the railroad in Oregon. Unfortunately, Bob passed away before his vision of an exhibit could become a reality. However, his fellow railroaders, Don Swinton, Larry Enlow, Tom Eckstein, and Paul Mangan, members of the South Central Wisconsin Division, MWR-NMRA, carried on with Bob’s vision. They have created this wonderful diorama exhibit to showcase the significant story of the railroad coming to Oregon in the mid-1860’s.  Additional help came from Rad Becker, who donated an old car; Bill Ehlert, who built the creamery; Ewing Row, who donated the locomotive; and Barb Rothwell, who painted the backdrop.  In addition, Oregon resident Dick Richardson and his late father, Merle, both worked for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. Dick generously donated the conductor’s uniform and other railroad memorabilia.  Larry and Sue Bunce donated the Wisconsin railroad map, train order pole, dishes, lamps, and other railroad items.

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