Photo 41


This is the Hitching Park as it was in 1906 when the hitching park was established and the posts in front of the stores removed.  This change created a great deal of animosity between the merchants and the rural customers when the village proposed to remove hitching posts from in front of the store doors and dedicate a certain place for hitching teams.  The townspeople preferred the change which proved to be cleaner and safer. Horses sometimes nipped people. Eventually, this change was accepted as beneficial. The view is looking toward the southeast corner of the Hitching Park.  The house in the foreground is located where the Fire Station now stands.  The outbuildings in the back of the house would have been the Waterman farm, which was located across from the present day Village Hall.  OREGON AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 1998.3.1, 1998.3.2, and 1998.3.3