John Muir

Because John Muir at one time taught at the Lake Harriet School, Oregon claims this famous naturalist as one of its early inhabitants.  Born in Dunbar, Scotland, April 12, 1838, Muir with his father, sister, and two brothers immigrated to Green Lake county, Wisconsin, in 1849, when he was eleven years old.

Herman O. Gray

HERMAN O. GRAY, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Oregon; born in town of Benson, Rutland Co. Vt., Jan 25, 1838; his father, Oliver Gray, born in Vergennes, Vt., Oct. 4, 1797, was a life-long farmer, a soldier of 1812 (his widow is now a pensioner) and married, in Benson (her native town), Miss Mary Goodrich; she was born Sept. 14, 1803; married Oct. 13, 1830, and died July 18, 1845, leaving three children-Edward G., Fidelia N. and Herman O. Feb. 4, 1846, Mr. Gray married Adelia Farnsworth, born March 16 1814, in Burlington, Vt., E. G. Gray came west in 1857, H.O. Gray settled on the Kurtz farm in Oregon, and, in 1872, bought his present farm of 92 acres;