E.R. Shepherd

E. R. SHEPHERD, merchant, Oregon, born in the town of De Ruyter, Madison Co., N.Y. Oct. 28, 1843; educated in his native town, and bred to mercantile life; while yet a student, he enlisted July 28, 1861, in the 3d N. Y. V. C.;

M.A. Peterson

M.A. PETERSON, of Oregon, is a native of Denmark, son of Peter and Dorothea (Hanson) Mortenson, who were farmers in the old country and, a few years since, died in their native land

Charles W. Netherwood

CHARLES W. NETHERWOOD, Postmaster of Oregon; born in the town of Watervliet, Albany Co., N.Y., Jan. 14, 1843; three years of his early life were spent in a woolen factory; he came to Wisconsin in 1856, with his parents, Joseph and Emma Netherwood, who settled on a farm in the south part of the town of Oregon, where he took his early lessons in Western life at driving cattle.

John McWilliams

JOHN McWILLIAMS, Sec. 25; P.O. Oregon; born near Cornwall, N.C.; his parents Robert and Elizabeth (Brownell) McWilliams, settled, ten years later, in Oneida Co., NY; the son grew to man’s estate here, in the fall of 1843, he accompanied a family named Augur, via the lakes, to Milwaukee, thence by stage to Madison, and in September, 1843, he began work for Mr. A. on his then new farm (the present farm of Arthur & Fox); his rude shanty was a mile from any house; during the winter and summer he split 7,000 rails;