Lars Christian Mackepreng

LARS CHRISTIAN MACKEPRENG was born Feb. 24, 1849 in Nakekov on Lolland, Denmark, baptized in Nakikov Church and confirmed in the year 1863 in Rodby by Pastor Jacobsen; and on Aug. 9, 1874 was married in Taagerup. Lolland to Karen Johanne Petersen.

M.J. Fisher

M.J. FISHER, of Powers & Fisher, Oregon; born in Cooksville, Rock Co., Wis. Oct. 1, 1849; his parents, J.W. and P.S. Fisher, settled in Rock Co. in 1845;

James Byrne

AMES BYRNE, who is recognized as one of the most progressive and up-to-date farmers of the town of Fitchburg, is a native of the Green Mountain state, having been born in Burlington, Vermont, on October 2, 1849.