Fox, Joseph Grierson

JOSEPH GRIERSON FOX, of Oregon, was born in Suntown, Ireland, about fifty miles from Dublin, April 12, 1822.

Rev. William Maine Fox

William Maine Fox was born in 1782 in Suntown County, Westmeath, Ireland.  Mr. Fox received all the education available in that community and developed into a forceful speaker.  
He united with the Methodist church in Ireland and became a circuit rider.

William H. Fox, M.D.

WILLIAM H. FOX, M.D., is a son of William Fox, of the family of O’Sionach (anglicized Fox)-his residence was in both Seffia and Kilconrcey, County Westmeath, Ireland, and the maiden name of his wife was Eleanor Lynn; their son, our subject, was born September, 1814, in Moate0aGranought County Westmeath, and received his early education there; came to America in 1833, and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, and in 1839 removed to Lima, LaGrange Co., Ind., where he began the practice of medicine; in November, 1842, the doctor came to Wisconsin, and, impressed with the natural beauty of the country south of Madison, entered his present farm at the Milwaukee Land Office; his large farm is on Sec. 35, one and one-half miles north of the thriving village of Oregon.  In the spring of 1843, he settled and began making improvement here;

Rev. Matthew A. Fox

Rev. Matthew, son of William and Eleanor Fox, was born in Ireland in 1812.  He received his education from private tutors and Trinity College, Dublin.  In 1835 he was married to Elizabeth Jane Fletcher of Neury, Ireland.  In 1836 he migrated to American and settled in Indiana where he united with the Presbyterian Church.

Joseph Grierson Fox

JOSEPH GRIERSON FOX, of Oregon, was born in Suntown, Ireland, about fifty miles from Dublin, April 12, 1822. His parents were William and Eleanor (Lynn) Fox, both natives of Ireland. His father was a merchant of Dublin, but after coming to the United States, he took up the occupation of farming, settling in La Grange, Ind., which remained his home.

George H. Fox, M.D.

GEORGE H. FOX, M.D., Oregon; is the eldest son of Joseph G. and Mary (Lalor) Fox.  J.G. Fox, son of William and Ellen Fox, was born in County Westmeath, Ireland, April 12, 1822; was educated at Waterford Seminary; came to America (first time) in 1834;

George Fox

GEORGE FOX, Sec. 35; P.O. Oregon; born in 1820 in County Westmeath, Ireland; son of the rev. William and Ellen (Lynn) Fox, who emigrated to the United States in 1834, with six children; they first settled near Tecumseh, Mich., then went to LaGrange Co., Ind., in 1842 (autumn), his elder brother, Dr. William H. Fox, and himself drove a horse across the country to Chicago, and with the same horse and buggy came via Crystal Lake, Delavan and Janesville to Madison, thence by circuitous course to the small prairie where their farms were located; Harvey Bush guided them to it, describing it as fine land, but in such an out-of-way place;