Peter Paulson family

Family photo of Peter Paulson and wife Anne K. Mortenson Paulson,
both born in Denmark in 1860.
Married in 1882 and immigrated to America same year.

Photo from 1890
Mary, Mabel, Anna and Peter Paulson
Arthur in front, and Mark on Peter’s lap

JENS PETER PAULSEN WAS “sakritier” or Secretary of the first Council. He was born Nov. 12, 1860 in Hammel Sporup, Jylland, Denmark, baptized in Hammel Church, and confirmed 1st Sunday after Easter, 1875. He was married April 4, 1883 in Sjalle Church, and left soon after to America. He came to Oregon May 10, 1882 and was active in organizing the congregation.

His wife, Ane Kirstine Mortensen was born Feb. 18, 1860 in Soballe Mark, Vinge Stranderborg, baptized n Vinge Church, and confirmed Sunday after Easter in Lein Church by Pastor Seidlin. They had 4 children: Mary Annie, Mabel, Arthur (who was Florice Paulson’s father), and Mark. Mrs. Paulsen helped to the start the first Sunday School.

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