The Museum Gift Shop is Open for the Holidays!


Marcic, Dorothy. With One Shot. $16.00

Ames. W. L. (1924), History of Oregon and Trade Territory.
64 pages.  $5.00

Brown, Dixie and JoAnn Swenson – for the OAHS (2018)
TASTE OF OREGON (1841-2018), 180 pages.  $20.00

Oregon Area Historical Society (2017).
Images of America – Oregon, Arcadia Publishing Co.  127 pages.  $25.00

Paulson, Florice.  Walk Back in History: Did You Know?  $10.00

Paulson, Florice (1998) – for the OAHS. Oregon School District:
Rural and Village Schools, 1846-1998.  70 pages.  $10.00

Red Brick Schoolhouse Medallion  $10.00

World War I Memorial (Nation’s first) Medallion  $10.00

“Tin Man” Ornament  $15.00


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