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The OAHS Museum Gift Shop is a great place to find unique gifts for Any Occasion! Your dollars will go directly to the Oregon Area Historical Society.

The purpose of the Oregon Area Historical Society shall be to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge of the history of the Oregon area.

With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice

Book cover for With One Shot

By Dorothy Marcic

This is an intriguing real life story that keeps you captivated as you follow Dorothy Marcic’s quest to resolve the secrets surrounding the murder of her uncle.


History of Oregon and Trade Territory (1924)

History of Oregon book cover

By Ames. W.L.

64 pages


Taste of Oregon (1841 - 2018)

Taste of Oregon book cover

By Dixie Brown and JoAnn Swenson

Written for OAHS in 2018. A collection of delicious recipes from members, friends, and family. Plus, the recipes from the original “Old Settlers” Cookbook.


Image of America: Oregon

Images of America: Oregon bookcover

By Oregon Area Historical Society

Oregon traces its beginnings back to 1841, when Bartley Runey built a log cabin just south of the village of Oregon along the “Old Lead Trail.” Primarily settled in the mid-1840s to 1850s, Oregon became a vibrant farming community. The railroad arrived in 1864 and provided a means of travel and transit, making Oregon the center of a much enlarged trade territory. By 1870, the population was 1,500, and many merchants, artisans, and tradesmen set up shop in the village to serve the needs of the community. Oregon was incorporated as a village in 1883. Following World War II, the coming age of the automobile with transportation and new highways and roads clearly marked Oregon’s change from an agricultural community to a suburban one. Today, Oregon is an active community with nationally recognized schools, parks, and sports and recreation programs. Oregon, Wisconsin, is home to two special landmarks: the official marker at Prairie Mound Cemetery for Nathaniel Ames, the area’s only Revolutionary War veteran, and the town’s World War I monument, believed to be the first World War I memorial in the United States.


Oregon School District: Rural & Village Schools (1846 -1998)

Oregon School District Bookcover

By Florice Paulson

Photographic History of the Oregon School District, Dane County, Wisconsin.


Walk Back in History: Did You Know?

A Walk Back In Time bookcover

By Florice Paulson


Red Brick Schoolhouse Medallion

Red Brick School Oranment


World War I Memorial (Nation's First) Medallion

WWI Memorial Ornament


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