A Walk Back in History: Did You Know?

The History of Oregon, Wisconsin
Excerpts from the book by Florice Paulson:

Snow Storms in Oregon’s History Storms in the early 1900’s and in 1936 are remembered.
Oregon Evolves Downtown completition and “The First Forty for $1.25 Per Acre.
Badger Cycle Company History of the cycle company that was organized in 1891.
World War I Soldiers Soldiers riding from Camp Grant, Ill. to Camp Douglas, WI.
School building Constructed in 1867-68 Two-story elementary school built in Oregon
The Netherwood Block Businesses formerly in those buildings.
History of Oregon Village Name A stubborn railroad man changed the village name.
The Hallelujah Camp Meeting Grounds History of the stone structures now on the Woodland Village grounds in Oregon
Serene Setting Views of Downtown Oregon, one from 1937 and the other from around 1898.
Oregon in the 1930s The streets of Oregon on summer’s day in the early 1930’s and information about the Festival Association, organized in 1932.


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