Oregon History Timeline for April 2017

100 yrs. ago (1917)

The turnout for the Village spring election was the largest ever. Two hundred and thirty voted on the referendum authorizing the issuance of liquor licenses,. The referendum lost 158 to 77, keeping Oregon “dry”. Twenty-six women expressed their right of suffrage; by voting for school superintendent.

Prichard & Cusick advertised their Wonder Washers. They held a demonstration followed by a drawing for a free washer. The time and terms of the drawing were as follows: The drawing would be held at the store promptly at 2:00 o’clock on April 28th and the winner must be present at the drawing and be a “head of a household”.

The Oregon Village Board set the salaries for the coming year: $140.00 for Village Clerk, (C. A. Hanan); $140.00 for Village Treasurer (Fred Luchsinger); and $75.00 for Cemetery Superintendent. (J.J. Lindsay).

Chiropractor, Val Kuhn, announced that he has opened an office in the McDermott Building.

The First National Bank of Oregon encouraged their farm customers to bank by mail. “During the next few months you will be very busy on the farm and may not find time to make a trip to the bank very often. We will be glad to credit any checks to your account you may send us by mail, and will be glad to look after any business you may write us or telephone us. We will send you receipts for deposits by return mail; also checks, pass books, etc.”

Oregon Creamery Co.will no longer offer retail sales. “Because of the extra labor required to wait on customers and the high price of such labor, it has been deemed advisable to discontinue the retail sales of milk and cream at the creamery after this week.”

Arthur E. F. Lenz resigned his position as cheese maker at the Oregon Creamery to take a job in his home town of Appleton. Axel Johnson took over his position.


50 yrs. ago   (1967)

The Village Board approved the Master Plan drawn up by he Green Engineering Co. Village President, Forest Madsen, presided over the meeting. Board members, Jay Bossingham, Dr. J. W. Plummer, Marvin Jensen, Ken Robert, and Walter Waefler) all voted to adopt the plan.

First grade boys in Oregon Elementary School made a “spectral spaceman” for their study of outer space.   Those participating were Bob Dickman, David Sline, Philip Sarafin, Randy Steiner, Waymon Wickline, John Wilson, Ricky Bongard, Mike Kivi, James Long, Larry Loy, Jeff Cahoon, and Doak Christensen.

Annetta Rogers of the Oregon Girls’ Track Club broke the record for the 70 yard low hurdles event, while competing at the open division of the 6th Annual U. S. Track and Field Federation State Indoor Track Meet held in Madison.

The Dean’s Milk Bowling Team, competing in the Oregon Marchant’s League at The Oregon Bowl broke the team single and team series records. In the first game they bowled a 1084 for the single record and then followed that with an 899 and 1018 for a series record total of 3,001. Members of the team were Ivan Christensen, Charles Lundey, Jack Ricker, Don Johnson, and Bud Johnson.

Duane Durtschi became the Oregon distributor of Dairy Lane retail milk products, taking over from Carl Rottiger.

The Oregon Girl’s Athletic Association sponsored a home sewing fashion show, “Kaleidoscope ’67”.   Christine Christensen narrated the event, while Linda Allen provided bits of humor along the way. Over 30 girls modeled clothes that they themselves had made and fashioned.

The Annual FFA Father-Son Banquet was held. Stan Schneider acted as the toast-master of the event. FFA president, Fred Uphoff, presented Leo Buchner with the Honorary Farmer’s Award.

Cheryl Keller and Virginia Handel, both 7th graders, were the winners of the local spelling bee contest.

Betty Hoffland was crowned “Miss Oregon” for 1967. She received a $200 scholarship from the Chamber of Commerce and a $100 wardrobe.

The OHS senior class presented a production of the play “Shakes the Family Tree”. Members of the cast included Lee Farrrell, Arene Ashlock, Dave Heller, Marty Verdier,, Chis Christensen, Beth Kellogg, Dan Weltzin, Gwen Champion, Betey Hoffland, Ed Lemke, Barbara Black, and Al Utzig.

Ken and Donna Dary , owners and operators of the A & W. Root Beer Stand, celebrated with a Grand Opening, starting their first full year of operations. (They were located on North Main Street near the present day The Bank of Cross Plains) Their “Grand Opening Specials” included a perch basket on Friday for eighty-five cents and a chicken basket on Saturday for $1.00.


25 yrs. ago (1992)

Three area students, Randy Molepske, Chris Connery, and Chad Coulthard earn their Eagle Scout Awards.

The Du Drop Inn (121 North Main St.) featured music by the “All Girl Band”.

The fourth and fifth graders of Oregon Middle School presented a program of songs, dances, and dialogue in celebration of the 500th year since the discovery of the Americas. Their program was titled “In Quest of Columbus”. Participants included Ricky McCord (Arnold); Will Harlow (tour guide); Saul Reed (young explorer); Kyle Schutte (cabin boy); Sarah Turk, Ahren Mikkelson, Erica Dill, and Bethany Ballweg (singers and dancers); Missy Smith and Beth Zuhse (island dancers); Ben Wyman (Columbus); Allison Schnelle (Indian); Adam Favia and Sean Quast (rappers).

Bill’s Super Market announced their plan for expansion; adding more than 10,000 square feet to their facility. Bill Faust and his wife, Dorothy, opened their store at the Oregon Plaza Shopping Center in 1978.

A ground breaking ceremony was held for the new Oregon Middle School to be built on Pleasant Oak Drive. Participating in the ceremony were school board members, Merle Hamak, Paul Thompson, and Dave Williams; Junior High Principal, Steve Staton; and District Superintendent, Linda Barrows. Students, Ann Poland and Jesse Brooks also participated.

OHS students Sarah Halverson and Jeffery O’Malley were selected to participate in the 1992-93 Honors Orchestra Program and Chad Grote with the Honors Chorus Program. OHS junior, Dan Eisele, had been selected to participate in 1992-93 Honors Band.

WISCO Industries announced plans to expand their plant at the Janesville Street location by 18,000 square feet.


10 yrs. ago (2007)

Steve Staton, elected Village President, succeeded Jerry Luebke who had served in that position for the past six years.   Elected to the Village Board for the first time were Darlene Groenier and Randy Way. Village Trustee, Eric Poole, was re-elected for another term.

The results of the local referendum concerning garbage pickup were as follows: 1,037 voted to change to a cart system of pickup while 915 voted to keep the sticker system now in use. The ad hoc committee indicated that they will further explore various options and their costs.

The Oregon School District Broad approved two major construction projects totaling $1.4 million.   The proposal will include renovations for the Netherwood Knoll Elementary School and the district’s central office.

Driver’s Education is dropped as part of the daily curriculum of the high school program. Those taking the course will now have to schedule their classes on evenings, weekends or during the summer.

The Brooklyn Fire Dept. celebrated its 100th anniversary.   Although first established in 1906, the celebration was delayed for a year in order to have the new $1.9 million dollar Fire/ES facility to be completed.

The OHS boy’s golf letter winners returning to the team this year were Erick Knapp, James Boley and Mitch Blazek.   Eric Knapp is a three year letter winner and a 2006 All-Conference Selection.

Matt Gracz and Danny Miller received their Eagle Scout designations at a ceremony held at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

The State Office of the Commissioner of Railroads gave their final approval to build a new railroad bridge on Jefferson Street rather than attempt to repair the old one. The 15 miles of railroad from Evansville to Fitchburg is co-owned by Oregon and Fitchburg.

Rita Plummer and Pauline Champion recalled the 34 year history of the Town and Country Women’s Club. The club was founded in 1973 by Dotie McManus. The new organization would include residents of the village as well as those in the surrounding area. In 2006 they had 96 members. An earlier organization, The Women’s Club, had disbanded in 1990 after 70 years of existence.