Oregon History Timeline for August 2018

100 years ago (1918)

William Dunn purchased the house [located at 116 Washington Street] that had been recently rebuilt and remodeled by Martin Hanson. The purchase price was $2,000.

Heating rural schools with soft coal could be a problem. Sylvanus Ames, Superintendent for the eastern district, was concerned that many rural schools do not have the facilities for burning soft coal and that many of the schools have no janitors to assist the “girl teachers” with the difficult tasks of using soft coal. Superintendent Ames supported a modification of the wartime order concerning its use be in rural schools.

The two sides to daylight savings time: “Most town and city folks like the day light savings plan and hope for its adoption every summer. The government announced that the savings in coal alone will amount to a hundred million tons or more. Farmers, however, do not view the situation as favorable, and prefer the old system, as it is quite impossible to get into the fields on the new schedule because of the heavy morning dew.”

During a recent electrical storm a bolt of lightning struck the Presbyterian Church steeple and tore a hole in it. Fortunately it didn’t set the building afire. The storm, accompanied by hail, damaged some of the neighboring tobacco fields.

The Oregon Equity Society (of Village of Oregon, Wis.) filed articles of incorporation with the office of the register of deeds. Those signing as incorporators were George Grady, Erford E. Turner, Brevet Johnson, Frank Peterson and Floyd Patterson.

Featured at the movies were Charlie Chapin in “Easy Street” and five year old Baby Marie Osborne in “Tears and Smiles”.

The Presbyterian Church held a funds campaign for installing electric lights. The cost of the new lights will be $160. About one half of the needed amount had already been pledged.

Mrs. Park Herrick assumed the position of organist for the Presbyterian Church; taking the place of Nona Ellis who had moved to Madison.

What it takes to feed a U.S. soldier for a year (given in pounds): beef, 475 or bacon 275; potatoes, 458; wheat flour, 413; beans, 55; coffee, 26; sugar, 83; butter, 11.5; lard, 11.5; and salt, 13.5.




M.J. Wischhoff, Sr. advertised that he was now handling a compete line of goggles, eye glasses, and spectacles.
Prices range from $1.50 to $3.75.



Sergeant Geo. MacDonald spoke at Olson’s Opera House about the past two years of fighting on the Western Front. All together he had fought in thirty-five battles and had been wounded several times.

Dr. H. J. Barry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Barry of Fitchburg, describes the effects of a German gas attack while doing first aid work on the battlefront. The attack was summarized from a letter to his wife dated August 3, 1918. Quoted as follows: “He [Dr .Barry] wrote that the effect of the gas as causing pain in the chest, nausea and rapid heart action. The heart affection is the most serious, as it takes a long time for the heart action to return to normal.” He was recouping in a base hospital far from the front lines.

C.H. Wackman Clothing Store advertised the following: “Sixty pairs of Ladies’ Shoes and 30 pairs of Ladies’ Slippers are to be sold at about one-half the present value while they last.

These shoes are not freak kind of today, but plain black, tan, and white with solid counter and leather insoles.   Suitable for dress, school or outdoor farm work.


50 years ago (1968)

The Oregon Swim Team begins their competition. Members of the team were Luther Appel, Greg Schaefer, Laurie Kissling, Theresa Stack, Mike Harrington, John Below, Denise Saunders, Lynette Riese, Gretchen Hauser, Carol Webster, Richard Anderson, Sheree Conners, Lita Wolowicz, Tom Appel, Bob Conners, Ron Garner, Eric Appel, Richard Bavery, Debbie Waefler, Nina Wolowicz, Sue Below, and Harley Lemke.  Their instructor was Joan Lane.

Klimke Antenna Service promotes the new Channel Master’s color cross fire antenna for the best color reception. Expert and prompt installation is promised.

The Oregon A & W Drive-In advertised the following August Specials: On Wednesdays, 1/2 chicken dinners for $1.30 and on Fridays a perch dinner for 90 cents. All dinners include french fries, a salad, and bread and butter.

A Teen Dance was held at the swimming pool on August 9th., from 9:15 to mid-night. Music was provided by “The Decision” led by Dick Kapusta. Those attending had to be 13 years old and could either swim or dance. Admission was $1.00.

Rev. C. Philip Burt, pastor of The People’s United Methodist Church, resigns to take a management position with the Philips Bee Newspaper in Price County, one of the larger weekly newspapers in northern Wisconsin. He had previously been an employee of the newspaper and now will be taking over its management from the present owners, the Foster brothers, who plan to retire.

Ted Feller was named manager of The Oregon Bowl for the coming year, replacing former manager, Earl Frye.

A Moonlite Sidewalk Bonanza, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, was held Friday, August 16th, Activities included sidewalk sales by various businesses, an outdoor fish fry by the Oregon Rotary Club (all you can eat for a $1.00), the Oregon Booster Band, a teen dance, and a community Swap ’n Shop event for all those things residents wanted to get rid of but could never find a buyer,

The Oregon School District opened with an anticipated enrollment of 2421 a 215 increase over last year and a teaching staff of 112.

The Emmett Erfurths entertained the members and wives of the Sheil Bowling Team to a cookout, Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henry, Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Wischhoff, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Norin, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wernick, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ibach.

The Oregon Supermarket opens their newly expanded fresh meat department.
Chuck Rowley is the manager, assisted by Bill Ries.




Joe and Dorothy Tauchen, owners of Jo-Dot Ceramics, have completed their new home and ceramic studio at the intersection of Hwy. 14 and County Hwy. B. and plan to move their soon.



25 years ago (1993)

The School Board approved a contract with Mitel of Milwaukee in the amount of $207,707 for the installation of a new telecommunications network. The new system will link the various school locations by computers including voice mail and a new public address system.

Village President reported that construction in the Village continues to grow. In the period from January though June, 52 permits for single-family were issued. The average value of the homes was $121,346.

Eric Grover, President of the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, welcomed two new members, Mairo Mardones of the Southern Trader and Lyle Wanless of the Town and Country Auction. The two businesses share a location at 106 North Main Street.

The Oregon Women’s Rope Pulling Team placed third in the World Games held in the Hague, Netherlands. The 520 Kilo team placed just behind The Netherlands and Spain. The 420 Kilo team placed fourth. Members of the team were Shelby Humberg, Amy Bruesher, Honakee Harrington, Mary Jo Anderson, Carla Patterson, Debbie Barker, Diana Donohue, Tammie,Hazel-Moses, and Kena Kuebli. Their coach was Dick Richardson.

The Oregon Tornadoes (U-11) Soccer Team placed 2nd at the Yahara Invitational Soccer Tournament. Members of the team were Kyle Krueger, Alex MacKendrick, Nathan Anderson, Paul Huetti, Ryan Hermsen, Katie MacKendrick, Brian Korth, Joe Okada, Brody Olson, Roy Steward, Cory Bavery, Nate Smith, Jesse Breidenbach, Aaron Gooze, and Mark Johnson, Their coach was Steve Olson.

Jimmy Banks, an ex-world cup soccer player and member of the Milwaukee Wave professional team, appeared at the annual Oregon Soccer Camp.

June Cleary is honored for her 26 years of service as a nursing assistant at the Oregon Manor. She was hired in 1967 when it was The Pledger Nursing home. Others that received long-time service awards were Joan Long (19 yrs.), Arlen Milestone (13 yrs.), Donna Scoville (12 yrs.) and Millie Noyce (11 yrs.).

Eric Peterson, owner of Foxboro Golf Club, plans for a tunnel underneath Hwy. MM which will link the golf course to four new holes in the Autumn Woods Development. The project is expected to be done in late fall or early spring of 1994.

The Town and Country elect officers for the new year; they were Pat Lindburg, president Jan Jardine, 1st vice-president; Doretta Umnuhs, secretary; Mary Wilson, treasurer; and Jean Bailey and Ellen Broadley, 2nd and 3rd vice-presidents.


10 years ago (2008)

It was reported that during the initial five months of using the new automatic system of trash and recycling disposal by Pellitteri, the recycling collections were up 54% and the trash collections increased by 30%. This collection program replaces the former sticker per bag system.

The Oregon’s Farmers Market opens for the season at their new location at the Oregon Shopping Plaza in the parking lot of Bill’s Food Center. The move was necessary due to the downtown construction project.

Roger Pribbenow returns as the OHS Girl’s head tennis coach. Returning letter winners for the team were Lisa Hagemann, Kandyce Graber, Linda Sundell, Abby Busier, Christina Brugger, Morgan Pechauer. and Heidl Noyce.

The Oregon Straw Hat Players present a production of “Finian’s Rainbow” The cast included guest artist, Gregory Brumfield, as Senator Billboard Rawkins; Philip Doll III as Og, the leprechaun; and Bridget Zach as Susan, the Silent.   It was directed by David Lawver.

A 34,000 square foot clubhouse opened at the Legend of Bergamont Golf Course. The two-story facility built by Ideal Builders of Madison, includes a full restaurant and banquet room. About 400 attended the grand opening which included U W-Madison athletic director, Barry Alvarez and two-time U.S. Open Golf Champion, Andy North who had designed the Bergamont Golf Course.

Jefferson Street closes to traffic as clean up of the damaged viaduct starts. The viaduct had been damaged in December of 2005 when a cement slammed into it.

A year after the flooding, the Village and home owners were still working on solutions for their concerns and problems.

The Village Board gave approval to the Church Hill Group LLC for building a three story assisted living facility on the former site of the People’s United Methodist Church on North Main Street (NOTE: Since that time circumstances have changed and the property has been purchased by the Village and will be the future site of a new library.)

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