Wheel Fever Authors to Speak in Oregon
in Oregon on December 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
at Oregon Area Senior Center

Wheel Fever posterThe Oregon Area Historical Society is pleased to host the authors of Wheel Fever. Hope you can join us– get the inside scoop on the book that’s become so popular with Wisconsin bicyclists.

Wheel Fever is the first book to describe the complex and fascinating history behind the popularity of bicycling in Wisconsin and what was behind Wisconsin’s first bicycling boom. The book is about the origins of bicycling in Wisconsin and why those origins still matter.

Nick Hoffman and Jesse Grant will describe this history that includes disputes about who should be allowed to ride, where they could ride, and even what they could wear. Nick and Jesse have been sought after speakers since the release of their book and we are pleased that they will be able to join us. Copies of their book will be on sale at the meeting.

The authors will also talk about our own Bicycle Factory here in Oregon (1890-1900). The building still stands near the water tower.

Nick Hoffman and Jesse Grant
Jesse Gant and Nicholas Hoffman

About the authors: Nicholas J. Hoffman is Chief Curator at the History Museum at the Castle in Appleton, Wisconsin, and has written articles for the Wisconsin Magazine of History. His lifelong interest in Midwest history led to a master’s in history from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A native of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, and an avid cyclist, he enjoys exploring the state’s landscape on two wheels.

Jesse J. Gant is a PhD candidate in history at UW-Madison. During the 2014-2015 academic year, he is working as a Public Humanities fellow with the Wisconsin Humanities Council and the UW Center for the Humanities. He has research and teaching interests in nineteenth-century United States history. A native of Janesville, Wisconsin, he has written for the History News Network, the Indiana Magazine of History, the Wisconsin Magazine of History, and other venues. Jesse is a committed cyclist who divides his time between Madison and Saint Louis.

Wheel Fever cover

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