HARRY BROWN, farmer Sec. 9; P.O. Oregon; born in Strafford, Orange Co., Vt. June 18, 1819; was a farmer in Vermont; resolved to come West; he came up the lakes to Milwaukee, and with a teamster rode across the wilds of Wisconsin, reaching Madison, June 2, 1846; his route led past Watertown, across sloughs and marshes full of water, and over the swollen, unbridged streams; near Watertown they drove through a small lake about two and a half feet in depth; after looking over Dane and Rock Counties, Mr. B. bought his present 160 acre farm in July, of the Government, later adding 40 acres, on which was a log house; sowed wheat that fall, and during the winter got out fencing for 50 acres; Sept. 2, 1848, he married, in his and her native town, Miss Harriet Chandler; returning they spent the first ten years in the log house; he then erected the large and pleasantly located farm-house, which burned, with all its contents, Sunday Oct. 15, 1876; on this site he again built an equally fine home, which though unfinished, was occupied four weeks after the fire. Mrs. B. died August 9, 1871, leaving two children – Adeline and Frank E.; George E., the oldest son, died in March, 1867, ages 19; Adeline, Mrs. L. W. Chapin, lives in town of Rutland; Frank E. grew to a sturdy young manhood, and while visiting friends in Iowa Co., WI, joined them in a hunting frolic, accidentally discharged his gun, by which his forearm was shattered, and in spite of the care of the best physicians and the tender nursing of heartbroken parents, died Jan. 18, 1879; he was born Oct. 6, 1858. The present Mrs. Brown was Miss Amelia, daughter of Reuben and Rachel Slauson; her father was born in Conn. And her mother in Orange Co. N.Y., they settled in June, 1846 on the farm where they still reside, in Union, Rock Co. WI; she was born there and married Mr. B. June 22, 1873. Harry Brown is one of the early settlers of Dane CO., who has made a record of progress, his 160 acre farm being almost a model, and he still is as active in its management as when he was clearing and breaking it thirty-four year ago.

1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 1234-1235.