CHARLES NEATH, who is one of the prosperous farmers of the town of Rutland, is a fine example of the self-made man, and his life in an illustration of the opportunities that America affords for the industrious and preserving youth.Mr. Neath was born in Somersetshire, England and was one of a family of ten children, born to Reuben and Caroline (Criddle) Neath, the parents having spent their lives and died in their native country.

Charles Neath made the journey alone from England to America in 1880, and Dane county, Wis., was the terminus of his long journey. He secured work as a farm hand and continued so employed for about eight years, by which time he was able, as the result of the strictest economy and industrious habits, to purchase a small farm comprising thirty-two acres in the town of Rutland. When he arrived in Dane county, in 1880, his financial standing was represented b a fifty-cent piece, which has been given to him by a gentleman in Milwaukee. Mr. Neath carried this coin in his pocket as a mascot for three years, and it still remains as one of his most highly prized possessions.

On March 20, 1892, he was married to Miss Hattie Osborne, daughter of Andrew B. and Delene Osborne, worthy citizens of the town of Rutland, and Mrs. Neath is one of seven children born to these parents. Six of the children are living, of whom one reside sin Iowa, one in Dayton, Wis., and the other four are residents of Dane county.

Mr. and Mrs. Neath resided on the small farm spoken of above until 1905, when they sold it and bought eighty acres of the Osborne homestead, which had been the home of Mrs. Neath’s parents, and have since resided thereon. Many improvements have been made on the farm, in the way of residence, barn, etc. and Mr. Neath is as completely equipped for the business of general farming as could be desired.

He is certainly a self-made man in the truest sense of the term, and his present prosperous condition represents a remarkable triumph over discouraging obstacles. He never attended school a day and his success has been due entirely to his natural ability and his personal efforts, aided in no small measure by the encouraging words and wise counsel of a dutiful wife. Although handicapped by the lack of an education, Mr. Neath is conceded to be well-posted and in possession of a high order of intelligence.

Besides himself, two of his brothers also sought homes in America-Albert and Robert-and they both reside in the town of Rutland. Mr. and Mrs. Neath have one child, a daughter names Myrtle Delene, who was born January 1, 1901.

Mr. Neath is a Republican in his political affiliations, and he and his wife are members of the Baptist church

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