Family Files Project

amesfishThe OAHS has “Family Files” which serve as the core for our genealogical resources. A file may include genealogical charts, family histories and memories, obituaries, newspaper clippings, census records, photographs and other documents pertaining to the life of your family and ancestors. We welcome material from area residents or people with family ties to Oregon wherever they may be. Also, the biographical sketches on our website are a source of genealogical information.

You are a part of history. Interview family members, compile your family histories, gather photographs and make copies for your area’s local historical society/museum.

To help you organize your family information, consider downloading forms:

Oral history interviews are being conducted by the OAHS. If you are interested in being interviewed or would be interested in conducting an interview, please contact us. Written versions of these interviews will also be available.

Phone: 608-835-8961


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