This Month in History
The following material was compiled by Gerald Neath for the Oregon Area Historical Society from material published in the Oregon Observer.
1915 (100 years ago)

The Laurel Range was described in an advertisement as “The Stove of a Woman’s Heart” and “The World’s Greatest Fuel Saver”. It was noted that a special damper control and twin flue construction could save over 33 percent off your fuel bill. The stoves were being sold by the local hardware dealer, Prichard, Cusick & Barry.The Oak Hall Social Center Club presented the drama “Our Awful Aunt” . A performance was held at the Oak Hall Church and later that month at Wendt’s Hall in Fitchburg Station. The cast included Mrs. Ed. Sholts, Mrs. Hans Sorenson, Roy Jones, Frank Devine, Leslie Jones, Viva Jones, Mrs. Wm. Bethel, Harry Coggins, William Bethel, and Ed Sholts. The proceeds went toward the purchase of an organ for the Oak Hall Church.

The annual meeting of the Oregon Fire Company was held. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: P. H. Cusick, chief; Chas. West, first assistant; E. G. Booth, second assistant; D.I. Riddle, treasurer; E. F. Kramer, secretary; and Geo. Theobald, steward.

Roy Richards, prominent businessman and Village President, was killed in a railroad accident at the Northwestern Railroad Yards in Madison. Mr. Richards frequently traveled to Madison on Saturdays to confer with his buyer, Norman Hook. Those times when he was too late to catch a passenger train back to Oregon, he would catch a freight train back. The accident occurred in the railway switch yards about midnight of February 20th.

The Story[town] creamery reopened after being closed for several weeks because of the foot and mouth epidemic and their lack of facilities to pasteurize milk. Ernest White has been placed in charge of the Storytown plant.

1965 (50 years ago)

Congressman Bob Kastenmier announced that house-to-house mail delivery had been approved for Oregon. Deliveries would start in May.

People were dancing to the music of Don Peachey and his orchestra at Edwards Park in McFarland.

Dr. John W. Plummer announced that he has moved his dental practice to 150 East Lincoln Street, the offices of Dr. Robert Gross. Dr. Gross will be leaving for Albuquerque New Mexico in the near future.

The Oregon Rotary Club sponsored their annual “Sportsmen’s Night” following the Oregon and Waunakee basketball game. Serving sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese, milk, and ice cream to both teams and their cheerleaders were Rotarians, Paul Kohlman, Owen Richards, Bill Hagstrom, Earl Gransee, Allan Gasner, and Walter Waffler.

The Chamber of Commerce displayed for the first time their official emblem and trademark, i.e., a show horse illustrated on a round and pointed background along with the lettering, “Chamber of Commerce, Oregon, Wisconsin”. The Ralph Timmons Advertising Agency of Madison helped develop the design and art work.

Approximately 500 OHS students participated in Career Day; the first of its kind for the School District. Some of the local business people that participated included Don Bates from Bon Don Beauty Salon; Judy Richards, W.P.& L. home economist; Cletus Brown, barber, Dr. Frank Dukershein, doctor, Tom Brown, attorney; Mrs. John Statz, nurse, and Art Schrock, state patrolman.

The Bank of Oregon announced new opening hours effective March 1st. The most notable change was that the bank would now to be open through the lunch hour (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.). A production of Arthur Miller’s play, “All My Sons” was presented by the OHS Panther Players. The cast included Jon Christensen, Becki Jallings, Joe Sheil, Laurel Black, Ken Heller, Jim Bossingham, Barbara Black, Todd Anderson, Pat Powers, and Ted Pasell. The student director was Candy McKinstry and teacher/director was Mrs. Sandra Ott.

1990 (25 years ago)

Lucas Osmond was selected as the 1990 Youth Ambassador for the Easter Seal Society of Wisconsin. Lucas was a 5th grader in the Oregon Middle School.

The Town of Dunn honored Ron Larson at a reception for his services since 1977 on the town’s Planning Commission, serving as its land use planner.

The Village Board took action to resolve the issue concerning noise emanating from a large open door at WISCO Industries; causing excessive noise for residents in the area. It was resolved that in the future the door would only be opened during those times when large manufacturing equipment was being brought in or moved out of the facility. However, later in the month they retracted the decision and appointed an Ad Hoc committee consisting of area residents and representatives of WISCO to further review the situation.

The Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrated their 10th anniversary. Their first worship service was conducted on February 10, 1980 in the lower level of the Community National Bank of Oregon.

Carine Youb, an OHS exchange student from France, is staying with the family of Charles and Diane Treichel and their daughter, Tara.

Tony Byers, an Oregon Junior High 7th grade student, won the school’s geography bee. Others placing in the competition were Sarah Halverson, runner-up; and Brian Connery, third place.

Oregon Rotarians judged the AAA National Traffic Safety posters competition. The winning students were Heather Stenson, Adam Waskowski, Carmen Dollar, Tammy McGaw, Eric Gaukel, Jennifer Stoffel, Jon Seeliger, Jennifer Broadley Jason Olson, Aaron Schreiber, Katie Zimmerman, and James Vaughn.

The Oregon FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team placed 1st at the regional contest held at Edgerton High School. Members of the team included Steve Clark, Steve Dunn, Bill Laughlin, Dana Marshall, Heidi Neis, Laura Shotliff, Matt Marshall, and Blayne Outhouse.

The winners in the Oregon School District spelling bee were Julie Wood, Jason Barnes, Tony Byers, and Michael O’Brien.

2005 (10 years ago

A local couple excel in fishing. Mike and Deb Pecosky of Oregon finished fourth at the Professional Musky Tournament Trail. They were one of 50 teams invited to participate in the year-end Ranger Boat World Championships on Lake Chautauqua. They estimated that over the years they have competed against 400 to 500 teams from 14 different states.

A new fitness center, “It Figures”, located at 280 W. Netherwood Road held their Grand Opening. Their advertisement noted that they catered to women of every age and fitness level.

The OHS Drama Club presented “The Boys Next Door” by Tom Griffin. The play takes up the issues of cognitive and mental disabilities. During their activities the play’s cast held a basketball scrimmage with the Oregon Special Olympics Basketball Team. The cast included Scott Clark, Drew Fish, Ryan McDaniel, Chad Russel, and Matt Forsberg, The group was directed by Kathy Tissot. Proceeds from the show were donated to support Special Olympics.

The Oregon School District’s fund raiser for the victims of the tsunami raised a total of $1,269.21. Karen Ludvigsen’s geometry class took top honors, collecting $133.61. The monies were forwarded to UNICEF.

The Village received a $3,000 grant from the State of Wisconsin to establish a residential historic district on West Lincoln Street.

OHS wrestler, Donnie Beers, competing at the Badger Conference Tournament, finished as conference champion at 171 pounds. Donnie, along with Brian Zimmerman, and John Jones were later to qualify at the Lake Geneva Sectional Tournament to advance to the State competition.

Four OHS swimmers, Matt Olp, Nick Jones, Marcus Thoma and Greg Thelen, competed at the 81st Annual WIAA State Boys Swim Meet held at the U. W. Natatorium in Madison

Competing at the Badger State Games figure skating competition in Wausau were Brenna Stoltenberg, Katie Radcliffe, and Caroline McCormick. They were all members of the Southern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club.

The Brooklyn Fire and EMS Protection District approved a construction loan of $1.5 million for the building of a new facility.

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