HARVEY H. EMERY is a well-known and successful farmer of Rutland, which was his birth-place.John P. Emery, his father, was a carpenter in Vermont, married his first wife there and came west in 1846, locating in the town of Dunkirk, where he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land. This he later exchanged for a farm in Rutland and in 1867 bought a farm in section 11, which he subsequently made his home.

Five children were born to his first wife, of whom J. Q. Emery of Madison is the only survivor. Catherine, George, Jane and Henry were the other children. Henry was killed at Gainesville during the Civil War. John Emery’s second wife was Miss Mary Danks of Vermont and three sons were born to them, Harvey, Charles and Ellsworth, of whom only the first is living.

The Emery family have always been active workers in the Free-will Baptist church, of which H. H. Emery contemplates writing a history.

H. H. Emery was born August 3, 1857, attended school at Rutland and at Whitewater and early engaged in farming.

His present farm he has occupied since 1880 and has improved it and managed it carefully. It is in very prosperous condition and on it Mr. Emery carries on a large business.

He is an independent and prohibitionist in politics and is at present town assessor, though he has never endeavored to obtain political recognition, unlike his father, who held many offices in the county.

In January, 1879, Mr. Emery married Miss Hannah A. Hunt, daughter of Charles and Hannah Hunt who came from England to Herkimer county, N.Y. in 1839. They later located in Rutland, where Mr. Hunt owned a farm.

Of their thirteen children, Mrs. Emery is the only one living. Mr. and Mrs. Emery have three children, all graduates from the Stoughton high school. The older daughter, Linnie L., is also a graduate from the Whitewater normal school and was a successful teacher before her marriage. She is the wife of Prof. T. I. Doudna, who is a prominent and successful teacher, at present located in Richland Center. Lloyd Franklin, the only son, is a farmer of Rutland and attended the state agricultural school in 1892-3. Maud A., the younger daughter, resides with her parents.

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