HENRY HELMS, deceased; born Aug. 7, 1808, in Otsego Co., N.Y.; worked in early life as a farmer and miller. Married in Ellington, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Feb. 21, 1839, Miss Lydia, daughter of Orrin and Margaret (Buchanen) Kingsley; they were New England people, and she was born July 22, 1821, in Oneida Co., N.Y. In 1845, Mr. and Mrs. Helms came West and settled on the Helms homestead, then in a state of nature. J. French and F. W. Bird were the only settlers to the north of them till Madison was reached; their youth and health were their all; Mr. Helms worked somewhat during the harvest of 1845, and corn and potatoes were raised for food-butter, eggs, chickens, etc., were sold to pay for the first 40 acres, and money hired at 25 per cent to pay for the balance-a splendid wheat crop sold at five shillings per bushel, paid this and opened brighter prospects, which were duly improved.Mr. Helms died June 15, 1860, leaving ten children-Marvin, Harlow, Hudson, Denzil, Dracania (first one born in Wisconsin, died in her 20th year), Salina, Homer, Andrew, Martha and Estella; the two eldest were by a former marriage with Mahala Abby, who died in 1837. Mr. H. was a Methodist and a Democrat. Marvin Helms was a Lieutenant in the 8th W. V. I.; and Denzil, a private in the same regiment; both served through, veteranized and were discharged with the grand old regiment in September 1865.

Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 1255.