JACOB WARNER, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Oregon; born Sept. 22, 1822, in Wurtemberg; his father, the Rev. Jacob Warner, and M. E. Preacher, was once brought before the King of Wurtemberg, to answer for some of his liberal, religious and political ideas, and brought his family to America in 1832, locating in Lycoming Co., Penn, where his father died; he came West in 1846, and is well remembered as a U. B. preacher; he died in South Chicago in 1870. His son and namesake grew to a healthy, rugged manhood in the pinewoods of Pennsylvania.Married in August, 1845, Mary Werlich; they soon came West, remaining from September until January, near Chicago, where Mr. W. neglected some splendid offers of city property; in January, 1846, Mr. W. and wife, and Thomas Bethel and wife, came to Oregon. Mr. W. claiming the northeast quarter of sec. 19; part of the summer of 1846 was spent in a floorless, door-less and windowless shanty, on Sec. 19; here their eldest was rocked in a trough hewed out, and placed on rude rockers by his father; while he worked day and night for some time in the old Dayton saw-mill, walking home seven miles on Saturday night; the liberality (and meal bin) of Daniel Hess supplied him with his only food, while he split thousands of rails in “Fisher’s Valley,” he spent two years on Sec. 18 (present farm of O. S. Shepard) and then settled on his present farm of 125 acres; here he split thousands of rails by moonlight.In short, his early experiences here were one long struggle with poverty and sickness; still he succeeded, now having a splendid home farm, with excellent buildings; 40 acres in Montrose, and 20 on Sec. 19, Oregon; has also helped his children most liberally.

Mrs. Warner died Jan. 20, 1879, leaving eight children-William, Samuel G., Alma, Mary J., Louisa (Mrs. T. Algard, died July 20, 1880), John F., Josephine S. and Emily M, all born in Oregon Township; the eldest, James, died when 19. “Jake” Warner, as he is familiarly called by his old neighbors, is a substantial type of Dane County’s successful man; is a Republican and a member of the U.B. Church.

Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 1250-51.