Oregon History Timeline for July 2019

100 years ago (1919)

It was noted that Rev. C. M. Linn would be preaching on a Sunday morning in July at the Presbyterian Church. His wife. Mrs. Sophia Linn would provide special music. They have just returned from an evangelistic tour of Minnesota and plan to leave soon on a tour of Kansas and Oklahoma. The two manage activities at the Hallelujah Camp Grounds, located on Janesville St. across from the present day WISCO Industries.

Martin Hanson sold his house on Second Street, now occupied by Casper Berman, to Miss Sophie Peterson.

Mrs. George McDermott, accompanied by Mrs. E. F. Kramer, went to Milwaukee to drive home a new Buick car.

Prof. J. G. Fuller of the U. W. with R. Baker, secretary of the Wisconsin Breeders Association, and D. S. Bullock, field man for the Livestock Breeders Association, visited the Kiser farm located in Oregon.

A committee, appointed by village president, Ozburn, to research designs and prices for a suitable soldiers’ memorial, came back with the recommendation that the selection, (being too important for just a committee to decide) should have input from the contributors. However, few attended the contributor’s meeting, so suggestions for the project were displayed in the “library rooms” for comment and all were encouraged to attend a July 12th meeting, to make a contribution and/or make their views known; helping the committee reach a decision. It was also requested that those who have made pledges, forward the funds as soon as possible to Arthur Criddle or to one of the local banks.

A decision was reached concerning the soldiers’ memorial. A description in the newspaper was as follows: “The one chosen is a heavy column or shaft. This column is cut from Hurricane Island granite. The size of the column proper is 9 ft. high and 3 feet, 4 inches in diameter at the base, tapering to 3 feet, 2 inches at the top. To this column is added a base and cap, making the entire height of the shaft about 14 feet. The column proper weighs 17,000 pounds. The column is of sufficient size to command attention and will be a beautiful piece of work when it is set in position. The exact location for the memorial was not selected, but this matter was left to the committee, as were other details in connection with its purchase.”

The new revised Wisconsin cigarette law was very stringent. A minor caught smoking or any person found guilty of failing to prevent the smoking violation could be fined up to $300, but not less than $25.00 and in addition to the fine may face imprisonment in the county jail for 60 days. If the person holding the license for the sale of cigarettes is found guilty regarding their sale, his license will be immediately terminated and he will be prohibited to apply for another license for the next five years. Also, during that five year period he will not be able to act as agent for any person who holds a license. If a minor misrepresents his age in order to procure cigarettes, he could face a fine exceeding $25.00 or imprisonment in the county jail for not more then 30 days. Those minors (boys under 17 and girls under 18) will be called delinquents and be punished under the statutes relating to juvenile courts

A law concerning community restrooms went in to effect: “A law passed May 5, now in effect, says all incorporated villages shall provide and maintain a sufficient number of suitable and adequate public comfort stations for both sexes.   The stations are to be established and maintained under regulations issued by the State Board of Health.”

Walter and Arba Peterson working on a Mitchell car (at the Peterson farm).

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sheil, Pat Sheil, Cyril Grady, and J. P. Connor motored into Milwaukee and returned with a Mitchell car for John Cusick. A. C. Merrick also purchased a Mitchell car this month.

50 years ago   (1969)

Rev. Albert Guetzlaff was installed as associate pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

The Town of Fitchburg officials were named: Leo Lucy and Don McGaw, supervisors; William McKee, board chairman; Ed Lynaugh, townclerk; Mrs. Joe Haight, municipal justice; Frank Baxter, treasurer; William Stoneman, assessor; Al Joyner, police chief and Jerry Richardson, constable.

Five Oregon residents, members of the Wisconsin’s National Guard unit,128th Air Defense Wing of Truax Field, were at the summer encampment at Gulfport, Miss. The five participating were SSgt Tom Martinson, TSgt Bill McKee, MSgt Ernie Novara, Tsgt Eldon Jones, and SSgt Tom Abrams.

Oregonians enjoyed a holiday weekend camping at Evergreen in Wild Rose. Camping were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hansen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oilver Culles, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Swinehart, Mr. and Mrs.Bob Jones and family, and Mr. and Mrs. “Red” Anderson and family.

Earl Lawson, proprietor of Lawson Rexall Drugs for the past 30 years, announced that he has sold his business to Richard K. Roeber, manager of Roeber Waunakee Pharmacy. Richard L. McIntosh will be manager at the Oregon pharmacy.

Oregon firemen win at the Verona water fight. Members of the Oregon team were Don Noyce, John Marks, Robert Lawry, Don Xander, Jim Brimmer, Ken West, Darrell Kimke, Keene Warren, and Pete Nichols.

Don’s Barber Shop (Donald Kneifl, prop.) holds an Open House July 23 at his location on the corner of Janesville and Spring Streets.

Karen Garvoille, Naomi Milbauer, Karhy Garvoille, and Peggy Packard, members of the Oregon Girl’s Track Club, competed in the National AAU Junior Track and Field Championships. They were members of the 440 relay team that took second place in the national event. Karen Garvoille also took third place in the 100-yard dash.

Mary Stoneman wins two Grand Champion ribbons, showing her Brown Swiss cow at the Dane Co. Junior Fair and the Stoughton Junior Fair. She has been a member of the Fireflies 4-H Club for the past five years.

Dan Theno becomes the new OHS agricultural instructor.

Philip and Carol Peterson were selected as the 1969 outstanding young dairy couple of District 19 of the Pure Milk Association.

 25 years ago (1994)

The Village Board awarded the 1994 contract for sidewalk and street repair to Parisi Construction Co. in the amount of $150,419.50.

Twenty-three second and third graders enrolled in a summer German language class.

Rev. Becky Kindschi is the new pastor at the Brooklyn Community United Methodist Church,

The Walker Brothers Circus comes to Oregon for two performances on July 28th. The circus, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, set up their show at the Oregon Shopping Plaza. It was noted that 1994 was the 200th anniversary of the circus in America.

The Oregon Straw Hat Players presented a production of Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man” in the OHS cafetorium. Joel Kapusta played Professor Harold Hill and Wendy Jones played Marian Paroo. Duane Draper was the musical director.

Space Metrics, Inc. broke ground for the construction of a 50,000 sq. ft. plant on North Burr Oak Avenue. The company was founded by Tim McGrath and Robert Wood and had been operating in Madison since 1985.

One hundred fourteen teams participated in the Oregon Soccer Internationale Tournament. The 11 local teams took first place in five separate brackets and a second and third place for trophies in seven of 10 competitive brackets.

The Oregon Fire Department celebrates its 100th year. The celebration included a pancake breakfast, water fight competition, a parade, a steak dinner served at the Village Hall and a dance at the Fire Station with music provided by “The Classics”. The fire department’s all volunteer crew included John Pinson, Eric Martinson, Rich Heller, Dan Andersen, Don Mckenzie, Ron Lalor, Bob Fluchger, Mike McClellan, Gene Berman, Ed Smith, Ken Foust, Mike Parkins, Robin Powers, Cory Manix, Gene Kluever, Wade Flisrom, and Jeff Sholts. Dick Andersen, Fire Chief, announced that after 36 years of service, he plans to retire next month.

Local farmer, Lyle Nelson, was inducted into the Wisconsin Purebred Breeders Hall of Fame. His career as a breeder of Duroc pigs started in 1930 and lasted until the fall of 1992, when he sold his farm.

The winning team of the recently Oregon Little League World Series were the Oregon Orioles. Members of the team included Nate Sullivan, Chris Erfurth, Dan Cushing, Scott Martin, Sean Quest, Aaron Gooze, Ben Cowen, Caitlin McGahan, Nate Smith, Justin Drogsvolt, Jeff Swanson, Ben Kalscheur, and Brian Klinke. The coaches were Gary Kalscheur, Jack Swanson. and Bob Klinke.

The 22-year old Matt Kenseth continued to dominate the late model division at the Madison International Speedway by winning his third straight Friday night feature.


10 years ago (2009)

New features made the recent Summer Fest a success. The new features included “Oregon’s Got Talent,”a classic car show and an expanded parade with nearly 100 entries. It was estimated that 5,000 to 6,000 attended the three-day event.

The Oregon Police Dept. purchases three more Tasers for a cost of $2,400. They now have a total of 15. They have been in use by the department for the past 3 years.

Kris King started a new business, “King of the Road”, to help the elderly and/or disabled people get to their appointments and other events.

Hawthorn Dining and Celebrations (site of Gunderson Funeral Home) runs into trouble. The business is taken over by the bank and new management hired.

U.S. Census data shows that the Village of Oregon has grown 24% since the year 2000 and now numbers 9,369 people.

The Oregon Area Senior Center honored those age 90 and over. Those honored were Lydia Hann (100 yrs, old), Myra Culp, Ruth Vishneski, Clarice Christensen, Margaret Byrne, Catherine Pasell, Paul Swanson, Dorothy Alling, Lucile Brown, Gen Kaminskas, Louise McGibbon, and Irma Humberg.

The OHS Summer Marching Band (“Shadow Armada”) for the second year in a row dominated the regional competition held in Michigan. They took several trophies including the overall championship title.