July 2022 Timeline

JULY 1922
  • Charles S. DeJean who died at the South Madison Sanitarium June 27 was born in Rutland September 5, 1848.  He leaves to mourn his death six children, Cornelia of Oregon, Harry of Janesville, Hiley of Troy, Oregon, Urban of Brooklyn, Mrs. Fern Neath of Oregon and Lucy of Milwaukee.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Harry Keenan and family of Stoughton were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Netherwood for the 4th of July.
  • The barn on the John Redford farm was struck by lightning last Sunday evening and burned to the ground.  Considerable valuable material was stored in the barn and was quite a loss to the owner.
  • Bernie Christensen of Evansville is in the M.E. Hospital at Madison for an operation on his knee Tuesday.  During Mr. Christensen’s two years’ of service in the trenches of France this limb was badly burned with mustard gas.  His name is on our honor roll in the Walter Benson Park. (From Brooklyn news).
JULY 1972
  • Patti Statz, age 4, was injured in a car/tricycle accident.  She suffered bruises and lacerations and was treated at Oregon Clinic and Methodist Hospital.  She was released to her home and is reported to be in satisfactory condition.
  • Many Oregon friends and former Sterling Drive neighbors of Del Lindholm, Denton Texas, were stunned and deeply saddened to hear of his tragic death.  On a plan enroute to St. Louis where he was to have met his son, Mr. Lindholm suffered a fatal heart attack.
  • Ray Antoniewicz has been named Secretary of the new Wisconsin Horse Council.  The general purpose of the council is to promote the common interests of the Wisconsin Horse Industry.  The council will be a non profit organization open to all persons and organizations with an interest in horses.
  • After a long discussion, the Village Board determined that North Main Street from Grove to Netherwood, and Janesville from Union to Kierstad would remain no parking on both sides.  It was determined that the road was not wide enough for parking on one side especially since it is  crumbling at the curbs at either side.
  • House guests of Mrs. LaVerne Stordock and Mrs. William Brown, 357 N Main St. , for the weekend were Mrs. Stordock’s daughter Donna and Michael Strong both of Madison.  Donna, an artist who paints under the name “Redhead” recently returned to the Madison area from New York City and is preparing for a show in the fall in Madison.
July 1997

Whoaaa! The thrills were plenty at the Oregon Summer Fest. Here, riders enjoy the ups and downs of the Avalanche.
  • Having a baby can be an exciting and, yet, a stressful time. Babies bring with them laughter and joy; they can also bring confusion and fear. And, when that confusion enters, new parents have someone to call. ParentShare Partners was a new volunteer effort in the Oregon/Brooklyn area. It relied on volunteer partners to help new parents find available resources and gain a sense of community.
  • They were athletes in uniform: heavy long-sleeved shirts to protect their arms from being torn by the rope; bandannas around their head to catch dripping sweat; shorts to allow ample leg movement; boots tied tightly around the ankle with metal plates at the heel for better digging capabilities. They were called pullers and were part of the Oregon Women’s Tug of War Club. They also were celebrating “two decades of pulling together.”

  • Third, fourth and fifth grade summer school students from the Oregon School District had the opportunity to learn what an architect does. In a four-week course,  students learned all the steps an architect goes through to make a dream into a reality. The first two weeks were spent on designing their homes while the last two were spent building them.
  • The Oregon School Board delayed an agreement with developers to allow stormwater across a future elementary school site on the west side of the village of Oregon until they had time to study a multi-page document. The agreement on how and where water will flow across the school site had been in the process of being negotiated for about a year, with village and school administration officials and the developers as the major players.
  • “Our main purpose is to preserve the history and heritage of Oregon for future generations,” said Eeda Lumley, volunteer and co-founder of the Oregon Area Historical Society and Museum, “I think we are doing that well here at the museum.” The Oregon Historical Society contains two floors of ageless displays. There is a youth and children’s exhibit, armed forces, tool and farm, kitchen, sports, sewing room, religious and wedding exhibit, and even a library exhibit containing original furniture and pictures of Oregon’s first library.
July 2012
  • Oregon native, Mark Horstmann, 1990 graduate, has been inducted into the Law Enforcement Torch Run Dale Brunner Hall of Fame.  The award recognizes volunteers who have made the annual fundraising run a success.  “Mark is deserving of this award because he is a true leader” said John Weichelt, regional director of development for Special Olympics Wisconsin.

  • An Oregon firefighter was injured while battling a fire Saturday night at a condo on Prairie Grass Rd.  Robert Duwe fell through the roof of the garage.  Oregon Fire Captain Robin Powers managed to hang on to him and two other firefighters helped pull him back onto the roof.  Duwe has been released from the hospital and is doing well.
  • Summer drought:  Trees are showing signs of stress from the drought this summer.  The Village is using water trucks to soak village owned trees planted in the past year or two.  Public Works Director Mark Below said “Still we are not so sure all of them are going to make it.”  The area has only received about a third of an inch of rain since June 1, roughly 6.5 inches below normal.
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