Oregon Historic Timeline

100 yrs. ago (1916)

The Community Sociable held at the Woodman Hall was attended by about 300 people. Several families brought their picnic baskets, having lunches prior to the afternoon program. The program opened with a few remarks by W. L. Ames, chairman of the event, followed by welcoming remarks by village president, R. D. Ozburn. The program followed with an address by A. H. Sholts, who spoke about community betterment, covering such subjects as good roads, better educational advantages, social activities, and farming. Other guests speaking about these topics included a Mr. Santille, from a state university, speaking about organizing community clubs; a Miss Wyman who spoke about community schools and A. R. Hirst, state highway commissioner, discussing the improvement of highways.

The Oregon Fire Company at its annual meeting voted to appropriate $100 towards the purchase of a “chemical engine”. It was noted that the use of chemicals to control and put out some fires would be more effective than using a large amount of water which had the potential of causing excessive water damage. The Village will be asked to appropriate the remaining cost of $125.00. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Ed Buche, chief, Chas. West, first assistant; Aug. Sarbaker, second assistant; E. F. Kramer, secretary, D. K. Criddle, treasurer, and Arthur Criddle, steward.

The Oregon Creamery Co. was accepting bids for their old creamery buildings and land located on Janesville Street. Notice was given by Andrew Madsen, president of the company.

The Salisbury house, which includes a ten acre wooded lot on the east side of the village and one and half acres of land on Dewey Street was for sale by Mrs. D. C. Salisbury at the sacrifice price of $2,000. Her husband, De Witt Clinton Salisbury, had died in January of 1915. The house, built in 1912, is described as fitted with all the modern conveniences including a hot water furnace, hot and cold soft water, city water, gas light and gas range, bathroom, laundry with stove, hardwood floors and finish; and a cement floor in the basement.

Cornelia DeJean’s millinery shop was advertising a Spring Opening. “The Spring and Summer modes are ready for inspection, featuring New York, Chicago. and Milwaukee importations, as well as our own distinctive designs.”

The restrictions on the transportation of cattle between Wisconsin and Illinois due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease were removed.

An auction sale at the Oregon stock yards on March 25th included a variety of horses and mules, 12 head of cattle, 335 sheep (sold in lots of 20) and some “quantity tested yellow dent seed corn” described as home grown. The proprietor was T. M. Cusick, the auctioneer, L. A. Ross and the clerk for the auction, C. A. Hanan.

Sweeney’s Grocery advertises coffee for the kids! Quoting the ad: “Teacher says I’m the smartest boy in school. Know Why?. . .cause I drink a big cup of Denison’s Coffee every morning for breakfast. It’s wholesome and healthful because it’s pure and sound. Makes me vigorous and happy. Then I can work. . .”

50 yrs. ago (1966) 

The “O” Club was formed at the Oregon High School to raise funds for a new whirlpool bath to speed up the recovery of athletes suffering from sprains and other injuries. Funds were to be raised from the proceeds of two basketball games. The first game featured the “Saucy Seniors” challenging the faculty “Aches and Pains”. The cheerleaders for the faculty rode into the gym on bikes labelled “Batmobile”, wearing blue sweatshirts, slacks and capes, bearing john paper streamers. They were followed by the faculty team wearing flowing Batman capes accompanied by the appropriate recorded theme music. The faculty went on to beat the “Saucy Seniors” 64 to 58. In the second game of the “Aches and Pains” challenged a team consisting of members of the Oregon-Brooklyn Jaycees and the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. The faculty team,“Aches and Pain” sneezed out another victory 60-59, this after having to play two 2 minute overtimes to break the ties. The two games netted about $450.00, enough to purchase the whirlpool.

Mrs. Owen Richards retired from the Oregon Library Board after 40 years of service. She had been appointed to the board by Village President, C. A. Hanan in 1926.

The Bank of Oregon started an extensive remodeling project which would feature a drive-up windows in the rear of the building providing customers with extended banking hours.

Green Bay Packer center, Ken Bowman, spoke at the annual athletic banquet. The event was sponsored by The Oregon Rotary Club. Allen Riese and Elving Kjellstrom were co-chairmen of the event and Jim Cannon was the emcee.

Jacob’s Waubesa Beach Grocery won the Badger Basketball League title for the second consecutive year.   Members of the team included Dick Sheil, Morrie Haukereid, Dick Noyce, Dick Duell and Bud Duell.

Six OHS music winners, taking first place in the Class A were awarded the right to advance to the State competition in Oshkosh. The six were Helen Outhouse (flute solo), Sue Lythjohan and Shirley Anderson (cornet duet), Barbara and Laurel Black, (piano duet), and Terry Navis (vocal solo).

The Masonic pancake breakfast was attended by nearly 200 area residents. Those working on the event included Bob Jenkins, Jim Hannem, Howard Outhouse, Wayne Steinhorst, Stanley McGaw, Walt Subey, Arleigh Staley, Dale Ross, and Dallas Zimmerlee.

Winston Hughart, Village of Oregon’s Clerk and Treasurer, announced that he would be resigning effective March 20th. to accept a position with the State of Wisconsin MVD. He had held the Village position for about five years.

Four OSH students win the right to advance to the district forensic competition, each having received an “A” rating at the sub-district competition.   Those advancing were Laurel Black (non-original oration), Jerry Navis (extemporaneous speaking), Susan McCarthy (original oratory) and Therese Coyle (declamation).

The cornerstone for the”fabulous new Memorial Coliseum” was laid at the Dane County Fairgrounds on March 24th. The speakers at the events were Otto Festge, Madison Mayor; Clarence Fritz, chairman of the fairgrounds committee and Darwin Brunds, chairman of the Dane Co. Board.

25 yrs. ago (1991)

The Oregon Strawhat Players present a production of “6 RMS RiV VU”. The cast included Cindi Birch (Anne); David Thompson (Paul); Lisa Bovre (a pregnant woman); Richard Atwood (superintendent); Matt Steinhofer (husband); and Judy Heitmann (suspicious neighbor).

The Oregon Public Library won two free month’s of “Trac System”, a new state-of-the-art reference system software. The program will allow them to search more than three years of issues of more than 200 magazines plus the most recent two months of The New York Times.

The VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary were selling special yellow bows to wear on coats, hat, sweaters, etc. Wearing the bows show support for the military personnel when they return home from the Persian Gulf.

Sarah Halverson and Steve Klein won the divisional Optimist International Oratorial Contest. Both will progress to the zone competition. Second place runner-up medallions were won by Jamie Stevenson and Jennifer Lewis in the girl’s division and by Zak Pastor and Thayer Bryant in the boy’s division.

The Oregon Sesquicentennial banner was completed thanks to the work of Clarice Christensen (banner designer and painter); Dorothy Alling (sewing); Chuck Cell (coordinator); Esther Nielsen (coordinator) and with the help and support of Roy Christensen.

Jeanne Horseman was named Miss Oregon for 1991. The committee for the event consisted of Jim Bossingham, Shelby Humberg, Dawn Grinnell, Ann Timmel, Astrid Rolfe, Buzz Hanson, Peg Hanson, and chairperson, Pauline McMannes.

The FFA Annual Banquet was attended by over 200 members, parents, and guests. Dora and Betty Keller of Alpine Dairy were given the “Outstanding Farm Family Award” and Charles Teeter received the “”Distinguished Service Award”. Other appreciation awards went to Dave Ebert of Valley Bank; Ken Schlingen of WP&L; Jim Anderson of Carter & Guenewald Implement; and Dr. Tim Hans of the Village Animal Clinic.

OHS students present a production of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”.   Some of the cast included John David Wright (Peteruchio); Karen Tyler (Tranio)’ Jason McPherson (Lucentio); and Jim Uphoff (Gremiio) The flappers in the streets of Padua were Katie Messer, Colleen McDanniel, Rachel Jones and Kiera Kay.

10 yrs. ago (2006)

The Oregon Cheerleader team participated in the Wisconsin Association of Cheer\Pom Coaches State Cheer Championships. Oregon placed first in the non-stunting division and out of a total of 63 high school teams competing, in nine different divisions, placed eighth in the overall competition. Team members were Brittany Deaver, Mickie Casper, Rachel Smith, Cortney Merry, Molly Hottman, Beth Downing, Jessie Grass, Erin Stine, Maraina Otis, Brittany Frey, Brittany White, Kyrie Decker, Mickle Berke, Cassie Schmidt and Sarah Burke. Their coaches were Lynn Buyarski and volunteer assistant coach, Rita Robinson.

About 100 area residents attended a rally and walk in the Town of Oregon in support of saving the Badger Recreational Trail from being used by the American Transmission Company for a corridor for a high voltage transmission line. The event was organized by Jeff Jones, founder of the Save the Badger Trail Coalition.

The OHS basketball team drop their WIAA Regional playoff game in overtime to Stoughton, 52-50.

Seven-year old, Kyle Samuel, a student at Prairie View Elementary School, became one of the nation’s youngest Black Belts.

The Oregon Community Swim Club members that qualified for state competition were Michaela Niemeyer, Katie Oldencamp, Nate Rice, Rachel Walsh, Natalie Wallace, Kate Landmark, Joey Knuesel, Caitlyn McKelvey, Tess Frey, Kelsey Hiveley, Megan Fischer, Mark Moffat, Ryan Moffat, Brittany Morrison, Zach Niemeyer and Tae Olson.

The Oregon School District’s Building Committee recommended that the Oregon School Board choose developer Gary Gorman’s plans for renovating the Red Brick School into a corporate office for his business. The Board of Education went on to accepted Gary Gorman’s proposal.

The Oregon Public Library patrons encouraged to join the second year of a county-wide book discussion program sponsored by the county public libraries, this year called “Dane County Libraries Celebrate Larry Watson”   The county-wide discussions will center around the works of Larry Watson, especially his novel “Orchard”.