100 yrs. ago (1917) 

The OHS Senior Class presented Allan Abbott’s comedy, “The Deacon’s Second Wife” at the Opera House.   Members of the cast were Jessie Taylor (Malvina Fitz); Lyman Jackson (Deacon Barachias Fitz) Clement Criddle (Milton G. W. Fitz); Gladys Sholts (Nancy Melissa Fitz); Laura Williamson (Mrs. Brown); Lucille Lalor (Kate Rollins); Morris Jackson (John D.Bullock); Marcella Taylor (Mrs. J. D. Bullock); Eva B. Sholts (Dorothy Bullock); Robert Clark (Hartley Bullock); Cyril Grady (Ernest Rench); and Raymond Comstock (Philip Gamboge). The play brought in receipts of $118.75 which will be used for the class expenses.

Hughes & Wischhoff advertised the new Victor Records for May. One of the new releases was described as “a brass band gone crazy.”   The ad went on to state that “beyond that description we can’t tell you what a ‘Jass” [their spelling] Band is because we don’t know ourselves.’ But they played with “ferocity and penetration”.

It was noted in the school news that three OHS boys were out of school doing farm work for which they would receive credit.

Charles Johnson of Rutland won the new Wonder Washer at the drawing sponsored by Prichard & Cusick, as mentioned in the April timeline.

Dr. W. C. Bennett of Rhinelander was in Oregon on business. While here he sold his house on Main Street, now occupied by Mrs. Nona Ellis, to J. F Litel.   Dr. Bennett had enlisted in the Medical Reserve Corps and was expected to be called to duty at any time.

It was noted that hog raising was a profitable business. Rasmus Peterson delivered two sows to Richards & Roberts that brought him $140.43. This past spring these same sows had farrowed litters of 24 pigs.

A wrestling match was billed for the Opera Hose. The contestants were Ollie Oleson of Kansas City and C Henrich of Oregon. Prior to the match a free preliminary attraction was held at the water tower. Ollie Oleson allowed a league baseball to be dropped from the top of the water tower, allowing it to hit him squarely on the head. He also broke an electric light globe on his head and in his teeth.

Memorial Day observances included a service at the opera house followed by a parade to the cemetery. The line of march for the parade was Marshall (Stanley Main); Oregon Band; G. A. R. (Grand Army of the Republic); flag boys and flower girls, W. R. C. (Women’s Relief Corps); the Red Cross and other invited societies.   At the cemetery the band played and the high school and grade school students sang patriotic songs. 

  1. G. Booth & Son purchased a funeral car from the John W. Henney & Co. of Freeport. They mentioned that there had been an increasing demand for a motorized hearse. The exterior of the vehicle was gray while the interior was finished in gray board cloth and mahogany and was equipped with electric lighting system throughout.

50 yrs. ago (1967)    

The theme for the prom this year was “Venetian Affair”. The music was provided by the Bob Leyson Orchestra.   Reigning over the event were Doug Johnson (king) and Kay Kinney (queen).

Those newly elected to the Oregon Chamber of Commerce board of directors were Fred Kivlin, Earl Reese, and Les Crotty.

At the annual organizational meeting of the Village Board the following personnel were re-appointed: Sylvandean Farris (Superintendent of Public Works); Joe Lockwood (Chief of Police); Tom Brown (Village Attorney); Ivan Christensen (Village Clerk); and Drs. Kellogg and Dukerschein (health officers).

The five finalists at the HMC Elementary School spelling bee were James Meier, Mayo Plummer, Patricia Stack, Patricia Shea, and Sue Below.

Ralph and Beulah Sholts having obtained a commercial license, planned to expand their trout farm business.

The OHS golf team consisted of Bud Frye, Greg Jacobson, Mitch Spilde, Mark Kellogg, Fritz Sheil, Larry Berger, and Doug Dukerschein.

The Oregon Fire Dept., assisted by fire fighters from Stoughton, fought a fire that destroyed a barn, milk house, 2,000 bales of hay and a new combine on a farm owned by Jay Bossingham farm in the Town of Rutland (the former Emil Matson farm).The buildings in the fire were leveled in 45 minutes.

The District School Board accepted the bid of Payne & Dolan to asphalt the running track of the high school for $5,193.00.

The Oregon Deadbeats Bowling Team took second place in the Couples Division of the 7th Annual Bowling Proprietors’ Association Champion of Champions Tournament at the Village Lanes in Monona. Bowling for the Deadbeats were Earl and Alvina Frye, owners of the Oregon Bowl; Bob and Corky Hansen, and Chris Andersen.    

A vocational education program gets on its way at Oregon High School thanks to a federal grant.   Dorothy Roehl was the vocational coordinator for the project. The committee overseeing the project consisted of Dorothy Pawlisch, A. M. Andersen, Allan Gasner, Elving Kjellstrom, and James Cannon.  

A Chicago-Northwestern train hit a herd of 80 cattle, killing 14 of them. The herd had broken through a gate and strayed onto the track. The owner of the cattlle, Alfred Keller, had recently purchased the Trusler farm on the Catholic Church Road (now known as West Netherowood Road.)                                                        

The OHS track team won the Central Sectional Conference Title. The team tallied 69 points,20 points over their nearest opponent, Waterloo. Participating for Oregon included John Mihlbauer, Mike O’Neill, Dave Decker, Steve Loftus, Bob Maier, Dave Griffith, Doug Johnson, John Collins, Randy Smith, Ed Lemke, and Greg Tropser.

25 yrs. ago (1992)

The Village Board struggles with the issue of leaf and yard waste collection. The policy in effect required the use of clear bags marked as such with a sticker placed on each bag.

The theme for the 1992 Junior Prom was “An Evening in Paradise”. The court consisted of Neil Harbort, Pat Ackerman, Grace Bandow, Brek Burgweger, Tim Caya, Amy Olson, Bob Dreher, Rachel Orvick, Melissa Ruggiero, Aaron Gafner, Polly Schultz, Ryan McGary, Krista Webb Jessia Werth, and Jerod Woodridge (king) and Catherine Colburn (queen)

The following students at the Oregon Elementary School won medals for their hours of at-home reading as part of the Books and Beyond Program: Kate Crawford, Amber Ludwig, Justin Stenli, Zach Ballweg, Megan Sweaney.

The OHS girl’s track team came in first at the Muskego Invitational Meet. Among those providing the win for Oregon were Kim Bland, Emily Barth, Grace Bandow, Meghan Werth, Nichole Northrop, Sarah Rounds, Janelle Batha, Lori O’Brien, Angie Weber, Susan Caya and Michelle Northrop. The team went on to finish unbeaten in the Badger Conference.

OHS had fourteen students participating at the State Solo/Ensemble Music Festival held in Platteville. The participants were Connie O’Brien, Rob Dicks, Julie Wood, Heather O’Brien, Sarah Halverson, Lindsay Nutt, Rebecca Martins, Tara Seed, Sarah Orloff, Ian Honeyman, Catrherine Colburn, Rebecca Seed, Heather James, and Dawn Trexel.

The Oregon School District honored six retirees. The six retiring were Leona Barrett (instructional and clerical aide), Katie Gordon (OHS school attendance secretary), Lloyd (“Pete” ) Jacobson (bus contractor), Ted Masters (custodial services); Jack Statz (member of OHS teaching staff for 33 years), and Paul Waite (OHS art teacher).

OHS baseball pitcher, Mike Berry, threw a no-hitter against the Middleton Cardinals. He was the first pitcher in over a half century to have pitched a no-hitter. Oregon won the game 10-0 and went on to defeat Sun Prairie 9-1 in a nightcap game.

The Oregon FFA elected their officers for the 1992-93 year. Their officers were Dana Marshall, president; Brian Bengry, vice-president; Jodi Klitzman, secretary; Ben Davis, treasurer; Bob Davis, sentinel; and Cathy Gustrowsky, reporter.

Oregon Preschool, Inc. celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Winnie Baker, school director, had taught at the school for the past 15 years. Donna Mahr was the first president of their board.

10 yrs. ago (2007)

Gary Wackett steps down as Oregon’s animal control officer; a position he has held for nearly 15 years.

The 2007 Junior Prom court consisted of Jessica Cupp, Morgan Lynch, Amy Dunn, Hannah Grow, Mary Anderson, Dani Trudell, Caitlin, Faber, Kate Radcliffe, Megan Beers, Sam Krueger, Mike Caruso Collin Crim, Gavin Pease, David DeBano, Jonahtan Hepner, Ted Behrend, Michael Hill and Joseph Dundell. The theme was “A Night in Paris” with music provided by “All That Jazz”.

It was announced that Winnie Baker will be stepping down as director of the Oregon Preschool, Inc. and Judy Breunig will be retiring as its program director. Winnie had been with the organization since 1975 and Judy since 1978.

The final concerts of the Oregon Middle School and Oregon High School Orchestras brought to a culmination a year long project in music composition . The final concerts included performances of a commissioned work for the Middle School Orchestra by Catherine McMichael, “The Generous Land” and a commissioned work for the High School Orchestra by Eric Ewazen, “Old Settlers’ Picnic” ; The Ewazen composition was based on local area history. Oregon 8th grader, Zach Green, conducted his composition, “Waltz in D Major for seven-part string orchestra”.

Oregon School District teachers retiring this year were Judy Miller, Sue Ellen Waefler, Marcy Larson, Cathy Albers, Cathy Kooistra, Linda Daly, Maryannne Olson, Evelyn Lund, Sheila Olsen, Anne Staton, Linda Perone, and Diane Hartwig.

The Oregon School District will expand their tech classes to cover more about podcasts and power point along with the other elements of technology that can be used in the classroom.

The Brooklyn Elementary School got a new outdoor shelter/classroom.

A Leap Above Dance win awards in the statewide competition, The teams earned 4 silver trophies, 4 gold trophies, and the Senior Dance Team won a platinum trophy. Members of the team included Kelsey Zimmerman, Melanie Rockwell, Kim Fischer, Cassie Jensen, Renee Nipple, Emma Harms, Courtney West, Kelsey McCann, Sarah Thomson, Rachel Ammerman, Brianna Cox, Ali Donner, Shaunna Ryan, Beth Tennyson, Steffie Ballesstra, Michelle Jensen and Brittany Deegan.