This Month in History
The following material was compiled by Gerald Neath for the Oregon Area Historical Society from material published in the Oregon Observer.
100 years ago (1914)The volume of mail on Oregon’s rural routes was reported by the local postmaster, Donald McGill. The pieces delivered and collected during the month of October were as follows: E. V. Chappel (R.R. #1) had a total of 7,304 pieces, weighing 1,138 pounds, 7 ounces; Sofus Nelson (R.R. #2) had 6,981 pieces, weighing 1,138, 2 ounces; Arthur Paulson (R.R. #3) had 6,677 pieces weighing 1,144 pounds, 6 ounces; and John Gilbert (R.R. #4) had a total of 6,735 pieces weighing 1,125 pounds 2 ounces.

Merchants, Criddle & Kellor, encouraged local residents to prepare their buggies for the winter months by purchasing a Safe Storm Front Covering for $5.00. It was described as being “safe, neat, substantial, complete protection from cold and storm.” The top could be dropped instantly if not needed and could be detached in a second in case of an accident.

A stay sow. . . “There came onto the J. G. Pierce farm about Oct. 26, a yearling sow. Owner can have same by proving property and paying for this notice.”

A Union Thanksgiving Service was held at the Presbyterian Church. Miss Lucile Hanan read the president’s proclamation, Mr. Sholts gave a short talk on the question “What Shall We Do About it”. Other speakers were D. C. Salisbury and the pastors of the local churches. Special music was provided by a choir, a solo was sung by Mrs. Devereaux and a duet by Helen Hanan and Meda Chappel.

H. V. Chappel, J. C. Shampnor, and John Gilbert returned from a deer hunting trip near Fifield. Each bagged a deer.

The following advertisement by Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co. read as follows: “Fortunately this country is not at war with any country equipped with howitzers and air ships with which to hurl shells and drop bombs on our homes, towns and cities to their utter destruction. You need not hesitate to build and build at once.” (Note: The year 1914 was the start of World War I in Europe.)

50 years ago (1964)

Those casting votes in the Villages of Oregon and Brooklyn and in the Towns of Oregon, Dunn, Rutland, and Fitchburg, overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic presidential ticket of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey over the Republican ticket of Barry Goldwater and William Miller. Senator William Proxmire was returned to another term in the Senate, winning over his Republican opponent, Wilbur Renk.

The Rotary Club, Oregon’s only service club at the time, formed a membership committee to increase their membership and to develop future activities. Members of the committee were Jay Winter, Butler Delany, Norman Champion, Bill Deckert and chairperson , Dr. R. J. Gross. Their first meeting was held at Bill Hagstrom’s Insurance Office.

The OHS football team were the Central Suburban Champions. Members of the squad included Mike Kehl, Tom Olson, Steve O’Brien, Randy Owens, Ron Jorgenson, Chuck Olson, Steve Alme, Lester Winklepleck, Jim Gouker, Gayle Larsen, Dave Williams, Fred McGibbon, Dave Hopkins, Dan McClure, Jeff Faust, Jim Bossingham (All-Conference Tackle), Larry Wegger (All-Conference Tackle), Dennis Hennessey (All-Conference Guard), Pat O’Brein, Jim Amherdt, Jerry Faust, Denny Strander, Dennis Judd (All-Conference Quarterback), Tom DaWalt (All-Conference Halfback), Ray Bryne, George Wallace, Woody Hilleque, Jim Bethel, Marc Wernick, Don Holms, John Kellor, John Vincent, Jay Durkin, Colin Ace, Denny Johnson, Allen Utzig, Mike Crapp, Terry Navis, Rolly Glasgow, Rick Schroeder, Don Butts, Ed Lemke, Dean Cloud, Jerry Gundlach, Gary Anderson (All-Confernce End), and managers, Bob Cruger and Denny Stone.

The annual meeting of the Oregon Local Pure Milk Association was held. The following officers were elected/re-elected: Phil Peterson, president; Robert Fahey, vice-president, Alvin Bavery, secretary. Those on the evening’s program were Beverly Bavery, Oregon local P.M.A. Queen; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagemann, winners of the Young Co-operators’ Contest; and Herb Gundlach, who entertained with his Cordabox.

Barry Stables is building a new addition which will accommodate seven more horses and will include a new arena for training horses and giving riding lessons.

A Midland Service Station opened at 135 North Main St. (present location of Kwik-Trip) Jerry Swinehart is managing the business.

The Oregon Truck Stop Restaurant (across from Prairie Mound Cemetery) was opened by Bennie Cox. A Friday fish fry was advertised for 80 cents a plate or all you can eat for $1.00. The Truck Stop station and garage was being managed by Norman Nobbs at this time.

It was estimated that over 1,000 area residents attended the Holy Mother of Consolation Church bazaar and smorgasbord.

The State Highway Dept. announced plans for a new 4-lane highway (U.S. Hwy. 14) between Oregon and Madison. The first phase will be from Park Street in Madison to County Highway M north of the Village. Land accession for the project will begin in 1965.

The Oregon Area Fire Dept. got a new $19,000 fire-fighting truck. Local firefighters, Gerald Booth, Don Bunnell, Harold Wendt, Don Xander, Lloyd Bavery, and Russell Neath went to the American Fire Apparatus Company in Marshalltown, Iowa for a week of training before returning with the truck.

25 years ago (1989)

OHS students presented a production of “The Music Man”. The cast and crew included Chad Kopenski, Patrick Neuman, Elana Wilson, Bethany Cox, Audrey Baumeister, Matt Mahr, Jeneal Berneau, Peter Jones, Chris Brown, Jodi McBee, Matt Biscoe, Sarah Uphoff, Jace Nichols, Angie Clark, Mark Horstmann, Kurt Schnabel, and Chris Martingelio. The performances took place in the OHS Cafetorium. Tickets were $2.00 for students and senior citizens and $3.00 for adults.

The OHS football team started their season with a 56-0 defeat of Monroe, then went on to back-to-back victories over Waunakee and Sauk Prairie, finishing the season with an overall record of 5-4 and a 4-4 record in the Badger Conference. Coach Bob Prahl noted that one of the highlights of the season was their victory over Fort Atkinson where they rebounded from being down by 17 points with just over 11 minutes left in the game and going on to win 35-31. Senior linebacker, Don Johnson, ended the season with a team-high 51 solo tackles. Sophomore running back, Rick Gnewuch led the squad in rushing 794 yards on 179 attempts. Quarterback, Mike Statz, covered 1,101 yards passing, with 81 completions in 175 attempts for an average per completion of 13.6 yards.

Oregon’s under 12 girls’ soccer team, the Pink Flamingoes, went undefeated during the fall season. Members of the team were Tammy Barden, Kelly Barth, Katie Baumgartner, Claire Fischer, Kristie Frydendlund, Kelly Harelson, Erin Jones, Jill Kruger, Janet Ninneman, Missy Owens, Jody Seifert, Davina Smith, Kari Stopple, Sara Strom, and Jill Williams. The team was managed by Sally Barth and coached by Ted Jones and Bill Baumgartner.

The Town of Oregon roadway employees Ray Lawry, Kenneth West and Romaine Ace get ready for the winter months with a new $57,000 snow plowing truck .

The Oregon FFA Chapter sent delegates to the National FFA Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Those attending were Don Johnson, Laura Shotliff, Curt Klizman, and Matt Marshall. The Oregon Chapter received a National Safety Award for the safety programs had held the past year.

Oregon Manor Nursing Home begins construction of a new group home (assisted living) addition which will be a part of the Oregon Manor complex.

OHS athletic award recipients for the fall sports season were: Kathy Crossen (co-captain cross country); Renee Svanda (co-captain cross country); Stacy Cameron (co-captain cross country); Sue Ring (MVP cross country); Todd Mortensen (co-captain cross country); Jake Oelke (co-captain cross country); Lee Kluever (MVP cross country); Michelle March (co-captain and MVP volleyball); Kim Reid (co-captain cross country); Pat Rebman (co-captain and MVP soccer); Aaron Mittelsteadt (co-captain soccer); Angie Olson (co-captain tennis); Carri Staffon (MVP tennis); Heather Anderson (co-captain tennis); Mike Statz (MVP football); Don Johnson (captain football); Scott Schmidt (Callaway Award).

10 years ago (2004)

Voters from the Villages of Oregon and Brooklyn and the Towns of Oregon and Rutland cast a majority of their votes for the Democratic presidential ticket of Kerry and Edwards over that of the Republican ticket of Bush and Chaney.

OHS students performed two “creepy one-act plays“. Rappaccomo’s Daughter”, directed by Ryan McDaniel, with the cast of Peter Tissot, Kelsea Groves, Frances Mozer, Ryan Prior and Jeffrey Olson. The second play, “A Rose for Emily” , directed by Shelby Kissling, with the cast of Lexa Dundore, Kevin Forsberg, Kristin Racchini, Karla Shulte, Andrew Schmitz, Steve Roche, Scott Clark, Angela Dahl, and Robert Koenig.

Eight OHS musicians were members of the 2004 Wisconsin Honors Music Project. Erica Bjoraker (violinist), Lisa Kursel (cellist), Kate Mielke (violinist) and Ulrika Swanson (viiolist) performed with the 2004 Wisconsin Honors Orchestra. Madeline Barger (bassoonist) preformed with the 2004 Wisconsin Honors Band. Anne Brethauer (violist), Molly Hall (violist), and Bradley Riss (cellist) were members of the 2004 Wisconsin Middle Levels Honors Orchestra.

Now that OHS had its own stand-alone hockey program, Jeff Groenier, appeared before the Village Park Board to discuss a proposition for building a 20,000 square-foot hockey rink to be located at the southern end of Jaycee Park.

The OHS hockey team in their inaugural season posted a 9-12 season record (5-10 in the Southern Badger Conference). Starting their second season the team members were Stuart Gullick, Teagen Johnson, Scott Weidner, Logan Swinehart, Nate Malek, Mike Moran, Core Janssen, Carl Andersen, Jake Bonsett-Veal, Zach Gambetty, Sam Stein, Nick Zamborini, Patrick Hansen, Collin Crim, Craig Ricker, Mitch Blazek, Miachel LaCrourse, David Staley, Jeff Bavery, Brendan Strycharske, Jovanni Dimaggio, Joe Larson, Spencer Gullik, Sean McGrath, Brandon Wishes, Mike Caruso and Michael Hansen. Their head coach was Tony Renlund, and assistant coach Matt Doman.

The OHS football team ended their regular season with a 10-2 record making them just the third team in school history to advance to the state semi-finals. However, their season ended at the Division 2 semi-finals, when they were beaten by Waukesha West.

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