This Month in History
The following material was compiled by Gerald Neath for the Oregon Area Historical Society from material published in the Oregon Observer.

100 years ago (1915)

R. Else & Son opened a cream and egg station in the Hausmann Building in downtown Oregon. Andy Cline was in charge of running the business. They plan to quote their current produce prices each week in The Observer and promise to pay cash for all transactions and give better prices than the market quotations. The current prices being paid are 26 cents for a dozen of “strictly fresh eggs” and 23 cents a dozen for seconds. Dirty eggs will not be accepted. Transactions of cream were quoted as follows: “one cent above the Elgin [quote] for butterfat; when Elgin is 30 cents or above we pay two cents over quotations. Cash for each and every can.”

The Masonic Lodge entertained 150 Masons, their families and friends to a program and banquet. The program consisted of an address by C. W. Netherwood, a piano solo by Mrs. Nona Ellis; a reading by Lucile Hanan; remarks by Rev. G. N Foster; a cornet solo by Stanley Coward; a whistling solo by Lillan Hanan, a solo by Donald McGill; and musical selections by a male quartet consisting of F. W. Coward, Burr Mc Williams, Louis Pease and Stanley Coward as well as other musical selections. Following the program they all proceeded to the Woodmen Hall where they were served a banquet dinner by the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Church.

Notice was given by C. O. Hansen that he had purchased Stanley Coward’s restaurant and ice cream parlor. He assured the public that he would “endeavor to handle the purest and best ice cream and best bakery goods, fruit, and confectionary at all times.” This included homemade doughnuts!

The First National Bank of Oregon sponsored harvest exhibits. The first of the exhibits was for apples. Secretary of the State Horticultural Society, Frederick Cranefield, judged the event. Frank Melville won 1st for best exhibit; 2nd for best light tinted apples, and 2nd for best dark apples. Mrs. Louis Anderson won 1st. for most attractive plate of light tinted apples; Homer Stone 1st for most attractive plate of dark apples; Frank Hansen won 1st for having the largest apple (15 inches in circumference, wighting 18 ounces). All first place prizes were $1.00 and second place prizes 50 cents. It was noted at end of the article : “Any apples left at the bank after this week will be given to any of the school children of Oregon who care to call for theirs next Monday.”

50 years ago (1965)

The OHS Panther Players presented three one act plays under the direction of Mrs. Sandra Ott. The three plays were “Strange Road”, “Sorry, Wrong Number”, and “Just Women”. One of the plays will be selected to compete in the One-Act Play Contest to be held later in the month at Milton.

The Oregon School District’s vocational classes during the coming year included knitting (Fran Nelson); investments (Don Laper); and upholstery (Richard Ibach). Fenton Abrams was in charge of the program.

The OHS Cross Country Team team came in 1st at the Triangular Meet with Jefferson and Evansville. Those contributing to the win were George Williams, Steve Loftus, Jim Tachon, Mike O’Neill, Rick Severson and Steve Kellogg. Bob Mitchell led the JV’s to a first place finish as well. Later in the month George Williams would lead the Oregon team to place 3rd at the eight team Fort Atkinson Invitational. With continued success throughout the month, they won at the State Sectional competition, paced by George Williams winning the individual title.

Lappley Chevrolet announces that October 7th will be first showing of the new line of 1966 Chevrolets described as “a whole new series of ultra-luxurious models.” They featured “Jet-Smoother” coil springs with new softer shock absorbers. Some of the newly designed models were the Chevelle Super Sport 396; the all new Chevy II and the unique Corsair as well as the Custom Caprice.

OHS Panthers win their Homecoming game over DeForest, 13-7. The OHS Homecoming Court consisted of Mike Kehl (King) and Lois Hansen (Queen); Diane Nyhus and Ron Jorgensen; Cheryl Endicott and Randy Owens; Beth Kellogg and Dennis Strander.

The first “Powder Puff Bowl” was held to raise funds for the AFS program. There were two teams (the Powders and the Puffs) consisting of OHS girls dressed in ill fitting football equipment. The Powders wore orange and black and were coached by Randy Owens, Howie Clapp and Denny Strander. The Puffs wore green and white uniforms and were coached by Mike Kehl and Steve O’Brien. The flag—-not tackle—- football game consisted of about 4 eight minute quarters. All in good fun, the girls were cautioned “not to bite, scratch or pull hair.” Scoring consisted of a touchdown for the Powders by Sandy Fiscus; a touchdown for the Puffs by Bonnie Wegger, and a touchback by Diane Pernot of the Powders who mistakenly ran to the wrong end zone giving the Puffs more two points. The final score was the Puffs 8 and the Powders 6. It was estimated that over 600 attended the event which raised $200.00 for the AFS chapter.

Brooklyn State Bank held an Open House for their newly remodeled and expanded facility. Door prizes given at the Open House were two Emerson AM-FM transistor radios and a pocket transistor radio for a high school student or younger. Bryant Wackman was the bank’s president and cashier. Dick Gouker is the new operator of the Transport Oil Station (located on North Main St. near where the present Hardee’s is located)

On Saturday, the 30th of October, Seventh and Eight Graders visited area homes collecting donations this Halloween weekend for UNICEF.

25 years ago (1990)

Mageline (“Maggie”) Schnabel was honored for her 25 years as a school crossing guard. She started in 1965, sharing the responsibility with her husband, Gottlilf until his death in 1973. Open houses in her honor were held at the Oregon Jr. High Gym and the Village Hall Community Room.

The OHS Girl’s Tennis team won their first Badger Conference championship. Carrie Staffon won the singles championship. In doubles play Ashley Diamon and Jessica Kruger were champions at #2 doubles and Tera Reese and Nikki Schiller took second place in the #1 doubles. The girl’s varsity tennis team consisted of Carrie Staffon, Jessica Kruger, Nikki Schiller, Tera Reese, Rhonda Thompson, and Ashley Diamon. Their coach was Roger Pribbenow.

The Oregon ladies 560K Tug of War Team placed 3rd. at the international competition in the Netherlands. This was the first time that a USA men or women’s team had ever received a medal. Members of the team were Mary Jo Minter, Tari Christensen, Joni Bethel, Deb Swenson, Shelby Humberg, Helen Lucas, Carla Patterson, Diane Donohue, and Mollie Christensen Their coach was Dick Richardson.

The OHS football team comes away with a win at their Homecoming Game. With zero points at half time, they came back in the second half to win over Fort Atkinson (14-3). Oregon’s scoring came on two touchdown passes from Mike Statz to Chris Duerk and following the second touchdown, a two point conversion run by Sean Manix . The Homecoming King and Queen were Sean Manix and Melanie Sauer.

Rotary Exchange Student, Angelique Bossy from France, is staying with the Ken Schnabel family, Ken, Bernadette, and their daughter, Angela.

Tammie Behr performed with the 1990 Wisconsin Honors Orchestra and Dale Trexel, performed with the 1990 Honors Wisconsin Band as part of the Wisconsin State Music Conference.

With a 36-13 win over Stoughton, the OHS football team clinches the Badger Conference Title. However they were to end their season with a 8 and 2 record, losing to the Watertown Goslings at the state playoffs 35-30. Late in the game Watertown made an 88 yard drive in 14 plays to make the winning score. Those putting in good performances for Oregon included quarterback Mike Statz who gained 196 yards through the air on 14 completions with Sean Manix catching three of those for 91 yards and Rodney Glassmaker, who made three touchdowns and gained 114 yards on 15 carries for an average of 7.6 yards a carry.

10 years ago (2005)

The OHS Boys’ Soccer team advanced to the finals at Brookfield with a 1-0 win over Stoughton. Neal Crowder made the lone goal of the game giving Oregon the win. At the finals in the Brookfield Central Invitational, OHS shut down South Milwaukee 2-0 in the first round. Neal Crowder made the first goal and Matt Gehn the second one. However, in the second round third-ranked Brookfield Central proved too much, rolling to a 3-0 win over Oregon.

Stacy Kalscheur and John Jones were crowned the 2005 OHS Homecoming queen and king.

The Oregon School District along with Verona, McFarland, New Glarus, Blackhawk and Wisconsin Heights raised $15, 976.29 for the American Red Cross campaign entitled “Wisconsin Kids Care” The Oregon School District collected over $10,500 of that amount. The funds were distributed the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as a portion given to the tornado victims in the Stoughton area in the Towns of Dunn and Pleasant Springs.

The old Oregon Motel on North Main Street was demolished to make way for the new Oregon branch of Union Bank and Trust.

Oregon residents, Gene and Dan Schulz, won the Wisconsin Musky Tour Championship Tournament at Lake Tomahawk. Their winning fish measured thirty-seven and half and thirty-seven and one-fourth inches. They were the lone team, among the 66 anglers, to pull in two winning fish.

The OHS cross country runners, Eric Roger, Dan Clark, and Megan Beers received 2nd team all-conference honors from the Badger South Conference.

OHS musicians Anne Brethauer, Erica Bjoraker, Alicia Monroe, and Adrain Swanson were selected to perform in the 2005 Wisconsin Honors Orchestra.

The Swan Creek Sewing Circle celebrated its 90th anniversary. Five members were honored, having belonged to the group for more than 50 years. Those honored were Beatrice Larsen, Janet Keenan, Muriel Stoneman, Donna Meier, and Evelyn Paus.

Construction projects that were progressing in the Village and area include another building in the Village of Foxboro complex; the foundation for a new monastery at Deer Park Buddhist Center in the Town of Dunn, the exterior of Walgreens and Mulligan’s Restaurant.

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