Oregon Women in WWII

American women played important roles during World War II, both at home and in uniform. Not only did they give their sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers to the war effort, they gave their time, energy, and some even gave their lives. A new display at the Oregon Area Historical Society now recognizes some of the women from the Oregon area who served their country.

Some of these women included:

Camilla Schloemer – 2nd Lt. Army Nurse Corp. on USS Hospital Ship Shamrock, Panama, and Arkansas

Fern Klug – 2nd Lt., Army Nurse Corps. Served in Manila and in Japan

lucywallaceLucy Wallace, Capt., Army Nurse Corp. in Australia and New Guinea

ritaplummerRITA PLUMMER, Special Technician. Served in Coast Guard as a Spar in Southern U.S.

eunicehallEUNICE ONSRUD,WAC Headquarters, 5th Army, North Africa and Italy

(The OAHS has Eunice Onsrud’s journal of her war time experience as a WAC serving with the 5th Army.)



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