Rural School House Project

schoolhousecartoonOregon School District Rural and Village Schools 1846-1998

Published by the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Committee of the Oregon Area Historical Society in Oregon, Wisconsin.  Written by Florice Paulson, Past President of the OAHS.  A printed version of this section prepared by The Oregon Observer is available from the OAHS.

Information in this section was taken from the booklet “Oregon School District: Rural and Village Schools, 1846-1998″ published by the Oregon Area Historical Society in 1998.

Dedicated to:

Those whose perseverance and foresight over these 150-plus years have administered not only to the basic needs of the youjng but also to the cultural desires of the whole community.


This work is funded in part by the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial commission with contribution from individual and corporate contributors and the State of Wisconsin. Local major sponsors are the Oregon Area Historical Society and the Oregon Educational Foundation.

I am greatly indebted to the following individuals whose help was needed and very much appreciated:

Philip Peterson – Oregon Sesquicentennial Chairman

Sara Orvick – Vice Chairman, who coordinated a million details

Lynn Kepper – who copied many, many pictures

Dorothy and Max Davidson – for editing, typing and fitting things together

Sharon George, Caryl Farrell, Dorothy Larsen, Martha Curless, William and Muriel Stoneman, Ellen Fahey Gree and Winnie Lacey – for their factual contributions

Michael Derrick – of the Oregon High School Art Department for his art work depicting the progression from immigrant to internet in the education field

Bob Gannon and the Oregon Observer – for processing and printing this record for generations to come

And Those of You – who provided pictures and bits of information

– Florice Paulson