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(ED. NOTE: The following article signed only by “A Traveler”, was mailed to us this week relating to some interesting reflections about Rutland area, which many may find of interest.)

“One our vacation travels we passed through Old Rutland Center, Wisconsin and viewed the old U. B. Rutland Church which stood on the little knoll for a century or more (believe around 112 years or more). Many are the fond memories of this dear old church which has served its people well, the sermons, the beautiful voices which made of the choir, usually of young people. . .the concerts and the strawberry and ice cream socials with all the goodies one could eat (tickets 10 cents each). The huge tables were set out on the lawn in the evening with kerosene lanterns gung on posts to furnish light for the occasion.

All the old settlers who helped to build the church have passed on many years ago. . .Elias Waterman for one, purchased a 5 acre tract of land from Mr. Anthony on which he built a saw mill and sawed some limber for the church, also gave $200 toward its building some time later.

Mr. Anthony wanted to buy the 5 acres back, so Elias sold it back to Anthony with saw mill included. I can’t say if Mr. Anthony sawed any lumber for any buildings unless it might have been for the old hotel where Kip Waterman and others played for many dances.

Rutland was quite a village at that time, between 30 and 40 residents, a church, school house, 2 grocery stores (Elias Waterman operated one just south of the church and John Buntin the other; [there was] a shoe store just across the road from the school house, 2 blacksmith shops, one owned by a Mr. San Francisco, the other by William Perkins.

The Northwester railroad was to have been built through Rutland, but it was voted on and lost by one vote, otherwise this village wold have sprung up instead of Brooklyn.

We were glad to see the dear old church still standing in such good condition.

—A Traveler

(from The Oregon Observer, Vol. 82, No. 6, pg. 11, issue of 29 August 1963)

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