S.J. Pratt

Stephen PrattS. J. PRATT, Sec. 11, 12 and 2; P.O. Oregon, born in Erie Co., N.Y. Jan. 22, 1821; son of Stephen and Ann (Jones) Pratt. Stephen Pratt, born Feb. 13, 1790, in now the oldest person in Oregon, with one exception. The family settled in Ohio in 1837; S.J. Pratt came to Oregon in 1844, and bought his present farm of 200 acres; bought of the Government; burr oak openings; he has, by own labor, made it equal to any prairie farm; two year’s work among his pioneer neighbors earned a team, some implements, etc.; he then built a log house, and in 1848, married Artimissa Wolf, who died in February, 1853, leaving two children-Isadore L. and Charles Wallace.He married again Catherine L. Whipple, who died in November 1874, leaving seven children-Ned, Addie, Cora, Edith, Clifford, Nellie and Ralph, who met an accidental death in 1876. The present Mrs. Pratt was Julia Olds; she married William Slater, a Wisconsin calvaryman, who died in the prison pen at Andersonville leaving two children-Seymour, and Ella, who died in January 1874. The mother of Mr. P. died in 1847.

None of the pioneer settlers of Oregon have borne greater sorrows than he, yet sustained by a manful spirit of enterprise, he has made a good record.

Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 1247-48.

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