This Month in History
The following material was compiled by Gerald Neath for the Oregon Area Historical Society from material published in the Oregon Observer.
100 years ago (1914)Field Days in Oregon included a variety of events. Leaver’s 15 piece full military band from Beloit provided music in the park throughout the day. Oregon’s Boy Scout baseball team defeated a team from Lodi by a score of 13 to 0. A handicap clay bird shoot for the National Sportsman’s Silver Cup was won by P. H. Cusick who dropped 44 birds out of a possible 50. In the afternoon the county championship baseball game was played between Oregon and Belleville. It was estimated that 400-500 people attended the game which was won by Oregon 10 to 6. Another event of the day was the four mile walking match held on the village square. Participants were E. Cross, B. Fredrickson, Chris Jensen, Paul Nelson, Dan Sweeney, Frank Anderson, John Hooper and William Brown. Oregon’s own, “legomobile artist” William Brown, the square-heel-and-toe state champion walker, won the match. The day concluded with a “Grand Ball” held in the opera house. Music was provided by “Leaver’s Full Orchestra”. About 120 dance tickets were sold for the event.

Fincher Bros. announced that they had just sold seven more Ford cars. The new car owners were Harvey Danks, Willis Sholts, Sofus Olson, Zier Kuul, Francis Pierot, Chas. Seffens, and the Lamboley Bros. So far this past season they had sold 42 cars.

The Oregon Opera House advertised a one-night engagement for the farce “Betty and the Baby”, a comedy based on the troubles of newlyweds and their only child. It was noted that this was the first time the play had been produced outside of larger cities and that it included ten up-to-date song hits.

Wyoming Bill’s Historical Wild West Show arrived in Oregon. It opened its stay with a “Grand Street Parade” through the village. Their performances boosted of cowboys, Indians, stage coaches, prairie schooners, 200 horses, Texas steers, elk and burros, portraying frontier life past and present.

Prichard, Cusick & Barry were advertising Cole’s Original Hot Blast Heaters. The claim was that a person could use the cheapest grade of coal the night before and wake up in the morning with a mass of glowing coke that would provide you with a warm dining room. So it was claimed . .”Why let chilled fingers and a blue nose spoil the buckwheats and a cup of good coffee?”

50 years ago (1964)

The Chamber of Commerce sponsored the first Town and Country Day.
* A Sales Exchange was held where Items from area farmers and village residents were sold, traded or dickered on.
* The winner of the first of two cow milking contests was Leo Crapp, with Mrs. Merle Kopke coming in a close second. In the second contest John Struck was declared the winner over Jay Bossingham.
* A “Kiddie Parade” with over 300 entries was held. Placing first in their respective classes were: Jeanne Campbell and Harley Lemke (Bikes, Trikes, and Wagons: “Rickshaw”); Cindy Bollig (Pets: “Cat”); Cheryl Schnabel (Costumes: “Bumblebee”); Patty Olson (Ponies); Donnie Staley (Clowns) and Karen Lane (Doll and Buggy).
* Winners of the pie contest were as follows: Jr. Division (cream pies): Patty Dukerschein and Mary Champion—- Jr. Divison (double crust) Betty Jones, Ann Christiansen, and Billy Rowe—- Sr. Division (cream pies), Helen Smith, Mrs. J. L. Topham, and Mrs. Charles McMannes—- Sr. Division (double crust) Mrs. Bill Champion, Mrs. Henry Appel, and Mrs. Jerome Bollig.
* The County Agent, Bill Clark, was on hand along with Dr. Lawrence Renz,, Economic Analyst with the Wis. Dept. of Agriculture, addressing agricultural issues of the day.
* Six to seven hundred people were served a free lunch at the Village Hall, sponsored by the Chamber.
* In the evening a tractor pulling contest was held at The Capital Speedway (present day Madison International Racetrack). Alice in Dairyland, Beth Bartosh, was present to award the prizes.
* It was estimated that over 2,500 people attended events that day. John Struck was chairperson for the event and Al Gasner, the Chamber president.

The newly organized OHS cross country squad, coached by Dave Dess, won their first meet, competing against Monona Grove, LaFollette and Middleton High Schools. Members of the Oregon squad were Denny Kjellstrom, Terry Turk, Larry Cox, Dave Fiscus, George Williams, Jim Ellis, Charles Price, Bob Mitchell, Norm Sorenson, Joe Sheil, Ron Kopke, and Lee Farrell.

R & L Beverages, owned and operated by Lloyd and Russell Bavery, opened on the North Main Street of Oregon (present location of Postal Connections).

Ron Erfurth captured the 1964 Driver’s Title in the Badger Midget Auto Racing Association with a total of 660 points.

The Town of Fitchburg completed construction of its new $40,000 town hall located near the intersection of Fish Hatchery and Whalen Roads. Town officers at this time were John Fluckiger, town chairman; Mrs. Joseph Caine, town clerk and board members William McKee and Leo Lacy.

The OHS football team was getting ready for another season with the coaching staff of Erwin Kissling, head coach; Fred Lehrke,, assistant coach; Tom Mueller, freshman coach; and Jim Klahr, junior varsity coach. Dennis Judd was named their first string quarterback Their first game of the season was a 20-0 win over Verona.

25 years ago (1989)

Dane Co. Executive, Richard Phelps, declared Sept. 17-23 as Emergency Medical Services Week. Emergency service districts were established in the area about 10 years ago. Tim Olson, the administrator of the Oregon EMS for the past 7 years, praised the 43 volunteers that had served or were currently serving the Oregon district.

The women’s catch weight tug-of-war team recently placed first in the National Championships held at Salisbury, North Carolina. Members of the team included Karyn Thornton, Karen Dunn, Mollie Christensen, Diane Donahue, Tammy Templeton, Tari Christensen, Mary Jo Minter, Carla Patterson, Helen Lucas, and Shelby Humberg.

The new officers of the Town and Country Women’s Club for the coming year were Vicky McGuire, president, Margaret Dukerschein, 1st vice president; Pat Lindberg and Kathy Kruger, 2nd vice presidents, Ina Stoehr, secretary, and Ginna O’Brien, treasurer.

Jerry Arndt bagged a black bear near Tomahawk with his bow and arrow. The bear weighing approximately 600 pounds and dressing out at 408 pounds made the Wisconsin record books.

The OHS girls’ tennis squad placed second at the Monroe Invitational and finished the season in the Badger Conference with a 6-1 record. The team included Carri Staffon, Tara Treichel, Nikki Schiller, Angie Olson, Tera Reese, Heather Anderson Their coach was Roger Pribbenow.

The Catholic Order of Foresters celebrated the 75th Anniversary of its founding in Oregon with a special Mass and banquet. Participating in the celebration was Father Austin Henry, former pastor at HMC Church. Local “Banjo Man” C. C. Richelieu provided a musical program for the event.

The Gefke family farm received recognition as a “Century Farm”, having been owned and operated by the Gefke’s for the past 100 years. Accepting the award were brothers, Robert and R. Maxwell Gefke.

Fifteen Oregon music students performed with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras during the 1989-1990 seasin: Tammie Behr, Amy Garvoille, Kim Erickson, Connie OBrien, Sarah Hoekman, Sarah Halverson, Linsay Nutt, Ian Honeyman, Julie Wood, Katie Baumgartner Jeff O’Malley, Amy Gould, John Wilson, Jill Staniforth, Elizabeth DeLamater

10 years ago (2004)

The Oregon Teener 1 Baseball Team finished a successful season the past summer with a 7-3 record which included participating in the State Finals in Oconomowoc. Earlier in the season they won a tournament in Fort Atkinson.Team members were Ben Riffe, Kevin Barry, Nick Rote, Brandon Schwenn, Adam White, Mike Wendt, Joe LaVoy, Brad McDonald, Stuart Gullick, Brock Watson, Eric Kaegl, Mitch Claflin, Joe Keller along with assistant coaches Randy White and Bill Wood and head coach Roy Claflin.

Debbie Saley expands her business, Leo’s Beauty Salon, to a larger area in the Oregon Shopping Plaza, providing about an extra 1,500 square feet. The Salon is celebrating its 20th. anniversary in Oregon.

The Pizza Pit plans to move their business to the former Physicians Plus building (their present location).

Charlie Wilder takes over as director of the Oregon Youth Center.

The OHS football team started their season with a last minute win over DeForest (13-12). Quarterback, Jake Swank, was able to connect with receiver, Clint White, just as game time expired. However, head coach, Bob Prahl, noted that the opportunity for their win was afforded by key plays made by the special teams that were able to block two extra point tries and a punt.

The Oregon Tug-of-War Club won a bronze medal in the women,s 560k open class at the World Championships held in Rochester, Minnesota. Team members were Annemicke Sonneveld, Mangna Johnsen, Amy Breuscher, Mary Jo Minter, Linda Barry, Katie Legler, Nellid Von Ramsdonk and Shelby Richardson. Dick Richardson was the team’s coach and Tim Naatz, the manager.

Prior to their Badger Conference season, the OHS boy’s soccer team won their own Invitational tournament by outscoring their three opponents, Sheboygan South, Northern Badger Baraboo, and Milwaukee Heritage Christian (8-2). Some of the players contributing to their success were Kyle Koberle, Jared Kuehl, Eivind Hesselberg, Derek Breidenbach, and John Marchant. Their head coach was Mark Diercks.

Members of the 2004 Oregon High School Homecoming court were Amy Dunn, Shawna Novotny, Sally Kalscheur, Dianna Bentley, Whitney Cuta, Emma Dehlinger, Nicole Jenkins, Stephanie Noble, Collin Crim, Nicholas Zamborini, Cole Christenson, Andrew Aschenbrenner, David Dundore, Spencer Gullick Clayton Keller and Alex Wahlberg.

The new Independent Bank of Oregon (now Bank of Cross Plains) announced their grand opening prize winners. Molly Thoma won two Green Bay Packers tickets and $100 spending money for the Oct. 11th game; Elizabeth Proctor won two U.W. football tickets for the Oct. 2nd game; and Nancy Kinney won a hot air balloon ride for two.

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