Henry H. Marvin

HENRY H. MARVIN, dealer in hardware, Oregon; born June 11, 1850, in Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio (see sketch of A. B. Marvin); H.H. Marvin received his schooling in Oregon; learned his trade of a tinner in Beloit, Wis., at 18, left Beloit at 21, and opened a stock of hardware in the old building of C.W. Netherwood; fortunately, removed six weeks before it was burned.  During the past six years, he has done business in the old building built by W.S. Bedford, as a residence, having thoroughly remodeled it;

Hiat Halverson

HIAT HALVERSON, deceased, was born in the Town of Dunn, Dane County, Wis., May 20, l850. He was a son of Stener and Dogena (Qualey) Halverson, natives, of Norway. Stener Halverson came to Wisconsin in l845, settling in Milwaukee. After a short residence there he went to Chicago, where he did teaming with oxen, often hauling loads of hay over what are now Chicago’s principal thoroughfares. Land in the vicinity of what is now the business district of that city was selling at $1.25 an acre. After a few months of this labor Mr. Halverson came to Wisconsin again, settling in Stoughton, on eighty acres of government land.