Justin S. Waterman

JUSTIN S. WATERMAN is one the highly respected citizens of the village of Oregon, and although a comparatively young man he can look back upon an extended and successful business career.

Ransford W. Speer

RANSFORD W. SPEER of the town of Rutland, is a well-known farmer of American birth.

John Kivlin

John Kivlin, a well-known and successful farmer of the town of Rutland, is a native of County Sligo, Ireland. His father, Michael Kivlin, was a farmer and fisherman in Ireland and married there Miss Ann Killerlain, bringing his young family with him to America in 1854. They made the voyage in a sailing craft and were more than six weeks en route.

Robert Keenan

ROBERT KEENAN, (Grandfather) of Oregon, was born in Fitchburg, September 16, 1854. He is the second son of John and Flora (McKee) Keenan, natives of Ireland. The father came from the old country and the mother from New York City to Lima, Ind.; they came from Indiana to Wisconsin by team, by way of Chicago and were married in the town of Dunn, Dane county. They were among the earliest settlers, coming with the Foxes in 1843.

Christine Fredericksen

CHRISTINE FREDERICKSEN was born July 16, 1854 in Utterslev, Lolland, Denmark, baptized Sept. 2, 1854, and confirmed Oct. 4, 1868 in the same town by Pastor Jespersen. After confirmation he went to Naskov and lived there until he was 37 years old and then came to America.

James Carrison

JAMES CARRISON, a well-known and greatly respected member of Rutland’s farming community, is a native of England.

Edward Byrne

EDWARD BYRNE is one of the old and highly respected farmers of the town of Fitchburg, which has been his home during practically all of the past half-century, but his nativity was in the little Emerald Isle, the country that has given America so many of her leaders in the various walks of life.

Charles William Brown

CHARLES WILLIAM BROWN, deceased, was long and actively identified with the agricultural interest of the town of Fitchburg, and deserves recognition among his confreres of that noble occupation.