William Keenan

WILLIAM KEENAN, the occupant of the old Keenan homestead in the town of Dunn, was born in the town of Fitchburg, Dane county, December 19, 1852. His parents were George and Matilda Elizabeth (Fox) Kennan, natives of Moat, County Meath, Ireland, where Mr. Keenan was born August 18, 1818, (8/18/1818) and his wife February 18, 1818. Mrs. Keenan was the daughter of Rev. William Fox, a Presbyterian minister and her mother was Eleanor Lynn.

Robert Keenan

ROBERT KEENAN, (Grandfather) of Oregon, was born in Fitchburg, September 16, 1854. He is the second son of John and Flora (McKee) Keenan, natives of Ireland. The father came from the old country and the mother from New York City to Lima, Ind.; they came from Indiana to Wisconsin by team, by way of Chicago and were married in the town of Dunn, Dane county. They were among the earliest settlers, coming with the Foxes in 1843.

George Keenan

GEORGE KEENAN, farmer, Sec. 20; P.O. McFarland; a native of Ireland; was born in Kings County, in August, 1818; when 16 years of age, he, with two brothers and two sisters, emigrated to America; their parents, John and Catherine, had previously died in Ireland.