William Larlor *Name is LALOR (not Larlor)

WILLIAM LARLOR, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Syene; he was born July 23, 1810, at Tenakill, Queen’s County, Ireland; his father, Patrick Larlor, of said place, was for many years a Representative from that county in the British House of Commons, and was Magistrate of the county until his death, when his son Richard succeeded him as a member of the House of Commons;

John C. Lalor

JOHN C. LALOR, of Oregon, is a native of Dane county, having been born in Dunn township, August 2, 1865. He is of Irish ancestry, his father, William Lalor, came to this country when he was twenty-five years old and his mother, Amelia (Fox) Lalor, when she was ten.