weatherClimatological Data for Sept. 12th, 1915

Data from the Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau.  Madison recorded 5.2 inches in 12 hours on September 12-13, which exceeded all previous daily records of rainfall for that station.

Cyclone 1878

This cyclone originated and started at Mineral Point, in Iowa County, moving and plowing its way eastward and northeastward, crossing into Dane County and the town of Perry and on into the town of Primrose, where just south of Mt. Vernon it began to involve in its ravages Oregon friends and acquaintances, and especially in the Chandler and Ozburn families.

Cyclone 1914

The most destructive cyclone or hurricane that ever visited this community passed over Oregon about 10 o’clock Monday morning leaving ruin and destruction in its path. It covered a large area and it is estimated that the damage ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Email re: 1914 Cyclone

“A severe squall, accompanied by hail occurred at 9:32 a.m. Much damage was done to tobacco sheds, and farm buildings, and four persons were killed. The damage done is estimated at about $500,000…”

Oregon’s Geological/Glacial Past

When the climate warmed about 15,000 years ago, the glaciers started to retreat, leaving distinctive landforms in part of Dane County.

Record Rainfall on Sept. 12, 1915

Diary record September 12, 1915: Cloudy to threatening A.M. and up to 3:30 P.M., when a heavy thunder shower struck us from the northwest, and by 9 P.M., 12 such showers followed one another from the same quarter, each deluging us with an inch of rainfall, hence 12 inches of rainfall in 12 showers in 6 hours.