B. McDERMOTT SONS is the name of the leading mercantile establishment in the village of Oregon, and it is now being successfully managed and kept up to the high standard attained, by George and William McDermott, sons of Bernard McDermott, who was the founder of the establishment. Bernard McDermott was a native of Vermont, and lived in the Green Mountain state until his removal to Wisconsin in 1881.His occupation in early life was that of a marble-cutter, but after coming to Wisconsin he entered the mercantile business at the village of Oregon, in Dane county, and successfully conducted a department store until his death, September 5, 1901. To his energy, honesty, and superior intelligence is due the extraordinary success with which he met in the mercantile business, and his sons, who took charge of the business at the time of their father’s death, have found no better talisman than the precepts of their sire.

Bernard McDermott chose as his helpmate in life Miss Sarah McNulla, who is also a native of Vermont, and who still lives with her children at Oregon. She is the mother of two sons and one daughter, the latter being the wife of J. F. Litel, Jr., who is given more extensive mention upon another page of this publication.

George McDermott, and his brother, William B. McDermott, were both born in Rutland, Vermont, the former on February 18, 1876, and the latter on January 9, 1880. As will be seen they were very young when their parents removed to Wisconsin, and they received their education in the high school at Oregon, each of them supplemented the knowledge obtained there by a course in a commercial college at Madison. Thus they were splendidly equipped, both in the matter of experience and scholastic training, to take up the work of their father at the time of his demise, and since that sad event they have given their undivided attention to mercantile affairs; and it should be added, with very gratifying success. Neither of them are married.

In politics they maintain an unswerving allegiance to the Democratic party, and in religious affairs they are members of the Catholic church.

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